Friday, March 11, 2005

but he could jump on my head and try to be a coon skin hat!!

i fear that this could indeed happen. there is a raccoon living on the roof. everyone thought that i was being paranoid and just imaging the scratching noises. one day thom heard them so i knew they were real.. but then convinced myself that it was just one of the giant crows that dwell outside my window (do i live in a forest? no i do not). the crows are scary enough, but on thursday afternoon, beth and i were watching 24 when out of the corner of my eye i noticed a bear on our balcony and let out a loud yelp. the bear turned out to be a largish raccoon... that scampered off onto the roof, and then i saw him from my bedroom window. just skulking along like he owned the place. also, the funniest thing that he did once or twice was put both paws up in the balcony railing and peer over like a spy. needless to say, i am now afraid of that raccoon leaping upon my jugular when i venture outside. anyone who thinks i am a little bit exagerative (?) has clearly not seen the killer bunny in monty python's search for the holy grail.. that is one frightening rodent folks. i just spent the day playing 'mom' to vivian and nathan and i am beat, it is 9 pm and i am seriously tempted to go to bed. maybe i will read for a while. friday night and to bed at 9, can i get more mom like? i think not

nighty night.