Thursday, September 30, 2004

how could i forget!?!?!?!

last night!!! i can't even believe that i forgot! one of my university time dreams has been fulfilled. as some of you may know, and probably most don't, i have been extremely fascinated with the firehall at the corner of laurier and king edward. i love to watch those firemen run and jump into their get ups and clamber aboard their trucks and race off to save the world. well, oh me oh my, last night when we were walking by, i said when will we ever go in and see the fire hall and beth said right now... and we went in and met the firemen and i got to sit in a fire truck and pull the horn and the lights were flashing and i even got to see the poles that they slide down!! and they for real use them! and they said i could come back anytime!!! imagine toi!!! it was so cool.

if it weren't for prophecies over my life i could die a happy woman right now..
peace out

heh heh heh..... ye-ah....

it's so good to have pat back after a 2 week hiatus in ireland. the three of us (beth, kate, mattie) and pat are united again. what a sweet little posse, i'm lovin it.

tonight was a fabulous night of a soup party at lisl's and ice cream to follow. glorious. yet again i was mocked for thinking that massages are like foreplay (hello!? rubbing peoples backs?) anyhoo. beth and i rented 'mean girls', i gotta say it was a huge disappointment, nothing at all as i had hoped. it was just kind of a rough not even very funny movie about highschool life. too bad, it's the first time in a while that i have been disappointed by the teeny bopper movies. we rented 'win a date with tad hamilton' on monday night and that was really good. sigh, such a nice story. also my ultimate fave of right now 'what a girl wants' with amanda bynes. so so good. i am all about the G rated movies right now.

sometimes i get mocked and noah say's i am picky, but truly, is it a bad thing to not want to watch a bunch of yucky sex and promiscuity in a movie? i think not.

tonight the boys are playing poker, their excuse to hang out and talk, but it actually makes me really sad to see all the boys in our church gambling. is that the only reason they can come up with to get together and chat? i guess. still it makes me sad. at this point it would seem that all i can do is pray about it (all i can do ! sheesh, i make it sound like prayer has no power! when clearly it has the most power!)

tomorrow is a day off (kind of) and i need to tidy up this mess i call my room, seriously, i don't even know how i can live in it. hopefully one day i can outgrow it. enough is enough. i think cheryl said she had a book about being organized and not messy, and i think that it is a christian book which is kind of cool (and interesting).

i finished reading 'matilda' today, and while i was reading it on the bus this morning i was able to spark a sweet convo with a kid and his dad. boys who read matilda are sweet, just like ben's cabin at boys camp that one year. very sweet. speaking of ben, i hope that he is well and enjoying the newest nephew that has been added to the hettinga family.

started another book, one i read in grade 6 for a book report, i just found it at a garage sale 'the true confessions of charlotte doyle'. hopefully it is as good as i remember.

oh also, hopefully beth and i will walk to mattie and pat's tomorrow and i can see alex again and prove to her that i could be from campbellford (c-ford what!!!!) as if i couldn't. if i don't go visit dave in waterloo at thanksgiving i will go to the 'ford and live it up with the keenes and get jed to fetch me a stick.

anyhow, i'm out.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

that is not from campbellford..

that's right folks. sadly i am not from campbellford, home of the giant toonie, world's finest chocolate and a nearby cheese factory and beer brewery. you would think with all that knowledge i could be from campbellford. truly tho, doug and marilyn... like my ontario parents. and seriously... with a best friend who pronounces campbellford minus the 'r' thus letting everyone around her believe that she is in fact french.... i love that gal.

anyhoo, it was alex who said i was not from campbellford when the whole posse was together: robin, the other kate, mattie, alex and beth, and me; the girl not from campbellford.

tonight was a fantastic cell and we got together in small groups and prayed. i love praying and encouraging people. it is so practical and i just always know that it is going to be good and God is going to do sweet things and i can hardly wait til next week to hear about it.

today was ramona's birthday. ramona (for those of you who do not know) is my little sister, recently saved out of a life going nowhere into a life of freedom and grace. roslyn, a fabulous little sister. what a lovely day.. the day of the birth of a girl that God planned on saving from the beginning of time. praise his name!

i just thought of the little huss and how i have not talked to him in eons and how i am a bad friend to him sometimes and i need to call him. i hate when we neglect the important people in our lives. the ones who always love us no matter what we do.

also... i hope so much that the girl who said in the last comments "i am the punk rock prom queen" is none other than soya.

one more thing, i got to see kate higgins tonight, which was so happy because i haven't seen her in 5 months and i am filled with love for that girl. i never had a friend named kate before and it is always a good time.

love never fails.

peace yo...

ps. tomorrow is a soup party at lisl's and i am stoked.. partly because i love soup and partly because i love lisl and partly because i love all the others who will be there.

Monday, September 27, 2004

i'm a punk rock prom queen!!!

i wish i was a punk rock prom queen... but truly it is only josie and the pussycats, a cd i just purchased at none other than the unclaimed baggage store. it reminds me of soya... i can just see her with her microphone shampoo bottle belting it out. oh soy.

so i had my weekend in montreal, it was really good to see my mom and know that she is ok and not crying anymore and doing such responsible things such as selling her own car. i guess roslyn told her that she needed to start acting more like an adult and make her own decisions. oh ramona, always so wise. i love my mom, so much... when i think of all the things i put her through when i was a rotten teenager. my mom makes me think of jesus' forgiveness. how no matter what i have done he still loves me and still gave up everything for me.

i was up late last night so i need to take a nap now.... but i have more to say about my weekend

'stay tuned!'

posse out

Friday, September 24, 2004

...and maybe i could get a freezie?!

ok ok ok...
so yesterday beth and i bought 14 new cds for the low low price of i think 54 dollars... which kind of sounds like a lot... but think about it.. 14 cds at a usual average price of 15.99 each... that makes 223 dollars and 86 cents.... so you ask.. how did we get them so cheap? a little place called 'unclaimed baggage'. that's right friends, there is a store with people's unclaimed baggage. so imagine if you lost your whole cd book while travelling... imagine more likely if scott kurtz lost his whole cd book. that is a lot of cds and a lot of good cds. check in all your home towns! see if you have an unclaimed baggage store.. it is a like a little miracle.

then after a laundry stint at noah's, beth and i made supper for jeremy and our new friend mattie... oh well mattie is not beth's new friend but just mine. (i mean that they were friends before, not that they aren't friends). then beth, mattie,(side note on mattie....he has this lovely kind of bonjoviesque hair) and i rented 'the shining' which both of them had never seen before and which i did not remember how creepily scary it was. jack nicholson is one scary man. but when we went to rent it i got a free freezie! now that is a good rental store.

today i am off to maxville to chill with the youth and then tomorrow to montreal to see danielle and my momma. oh and my aunt leslie too. it's gonna be good.
i was thinking this morning about how when i am with my family i do not want to stop moving in the Holy Spirit... in fact even more so i should be praying in tongues and just spending time letting the Spirit move through me talking to them. more of Him less of me. but really what i was thinking that i do not want to not pray for people on the street just because i am with my family... so basically i am praying that i will have an oppurtunity on the streets of montreal to pray for somebody (maybe even heal someone! who knows!). anyhow, it's gonna be a good weekend regardless and i am gonna tell my mom all about Jesus and how much he loves her and wants to protect her and take care of her.

oh just one other thing. you know how sometimes you say something maybe a long time ago but you don't really remember it ? well the other day i was sick and didn't go to class and one of the girls in my program asked beth where her friend was, and beth was confused and thought that she was talking about blonde beth, and said well she decided to not be a nurse. this girl was so upset and said... 'oh no! i just remember that one class last year when she said that the reason she was in nursing was to heal children.' beth laughed and said that's kate! she is still here, just sick today.
but it is funny to me that something i was totally just saying about myself encouraged someone so much. i mean i only said it in realizing that half the people in our class were in it for the money... egads! i do not want a nurse who just wants to make money!! we need to be passionate about our jobs! (and not just nurses) anyhow... i am going to go talk to her next week... she wants to work with kids just like me.

over and out.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

shades of pink

i like this idea of blogging. i like being able to know what is going on in the lives of my saskatonian friends (a shout out to all of you livin' it up in the SK!) and perhaps they would like to know what is going on here in my life in the capitol city. we'll see. perhaps this will simply become another procrastination tool. no... i think it will not... this is the year of studying. it's gonna be good.

last night beth, robyn, maryann and myself had a sweet time talking to God before bed. a lot of laughing occured.. which usually happens when our head coverings turn into a pharoah look alike contest. oh beth. anyhow, we've been having a copious amount of new students join our church as of late and we spent some time praying for them and for relationships to be formed with them.

yesterday when i was walking to meet ryan and beth for lunch, i was encountered by a boy selling books on yoga and meditation and vegetarianism... maryann informs me that this boy is a hare krishna (oh). anyway, i stopped and spoke with him for awhile and i told him i was a christian and he tried to tell me that in fact Jesus is not God, but a pure soul bringing people back to God. it was actually a very good conversation.. except he kept telling me that all religions lead to the same God... but if they don't all lead to Jesus than really there is not point. anyhow, we are to get together for coffee at a later date. the thing that i thought of as soon as we parted ways was... how come there are people on the street preaching wrong things and leading people astray when i know the truth and i am content with walking home without sharing a word of Jesus to anyone!!!! this is ridiculous... and if nothing else.. God has used that boy to put an evangelistic spirit in me..

working with teenagers, evangelising... what next? God i am ready! bring it... whatever i said i would never do i am ready to do it!!!

posse out