Thursday, March 29, 2012

small style #43

here are some more pics from that warm warm weather we had last week!
these were all sent to me by Isla's daycare provider Kattie.
Isla loves Kattie, 
she always says "hi!" even before we've gotten up the path to the door.
it's lovely to drop her off every day.

{how cute is this little lady?}

sweater: Old Navy, gift from Grandma Val
t-shirt: Joe Fresh, consigned
leggings: George
boots: no label, borrowed

the warm weather has come and gone :(
it has been cold again, this morning we woke up with freezing rain again.

it was a tease, 
a real tease that warm March weather.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

small style #42

holy moly the weather has been nice here in Ottawa!
+25 celsius and above so far this week :)

it's fun to see Isla loving to be outside!
Sunday after supper we went outside and Isla took her "baby" out for a walk.

seriously cute.

Isla is loving her baby these days. 
she carries her around and pats her back and reads to her.
it's lovely to think of miss Isla being a big sister.

shirt/dress: Outfitters Junior, thrifted ($2.99!!)
onesie: Carter's, consigned
leggings: Gap Kids
socks: Old Navy
shoes: Nike, borrowed
sunnies: Carter's, bought by Gramma Kiki

while it has been super duper warm around here,
it does look like it's going to get a bit cooler over the weekend,
i'm not too bothered, 
such hot weather so early in the year makes this preggie nervous about how hot the summer could be!
i am also usually a super sun safety conscious kind of lady,
but i keep forgetting to slap a hat on Isla's fair little head!
so i'm claiming it's because the heat crept up on me.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

a little truth time.

when Isla was sick in January i stayed home for a week with her.
it was lovely to be home for all that time with her :)

one of the mornings while she was napping and i was tidying up,
i had Joyce Meyer on in the background.
although i've never really listened her before or read any her books, i have friends who have, 
and i always appreciate the things that these ladies have shared.

this is what Joyce spoke about that morning:
she said; "why do we think that that if we feel a certain way we have to act that way?"

she was speaking about being angry or upset about something or with someone, and how we can feel like it gives us the right to speak harshly to someone, to make them feel as hurt or angry or upset as we feel.

it can be easy to feel like it is impossible to "perk up" or "snap out of it".
when we feel like this-we just feel like this, and it seems justifiable and fine.

but Joyce goes on to point out that if that if we can change for company,
we can indeed make a choice to do so in other times, with our spouse, kids, family and close friends.

how many other married couples can picture this:

where we're angry with Husband, (or just taking out misplaced anger on Husband)
and we're saying mean or harsh words
 and then the phone rings, or someone comes to the door and this is the conversation:
"oh hi!... yup, we're great.. how are you?"


that morning, listening to Joyce,
i felt challenged and excited to put this into practice.

i have found myself apologizing much quicker, as well as finding it easier, for things that i have said, or the way that i have been acting by reminding myself that i need to just change my attitude.

i find that i don't carry other annoyances or hurts that don't involve Thom, into our relationship.

this doesn't mean that i don't have hurts or angry feelings anymore,
but i am learning to talk about them as opposed to letting them rule my emotions.
this definitely is a learning to let the Holy Spirit fill my thoughts and heart and rule me :)

consider me a Joyce Meyer convert :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

small style #41

as i mentioned earlier,
i was feeling a little "under the weather"

i did pick out Isla's little outfit Sunday morning,
but she was grumpy about having her picture taken,
i was grumpy about being sick,
and Thom was grumpy because while he was trying to help Isla sit on the steps he stood up 
and cracked his head on the ceiling.

just another example of real life around here :)

{even grumpy she's still pretty cute!}
a fun little outfit for a Church morning!
i was sad to miss out on the comments about her sparkly pink shoes.

Thom said that people really liked them :)

sweater: Joe Fresh, consigned
dress: Mexx
leggings: Gap Kids
shoes: Toms, a gift from Isla's Auntie Roslyn

i love love love those sparkly Toms!
i may just have to get myself a pair of matching ones.


Monday, March 12, 2012

a moment in motherhood:

i've been a little sick the past few days.

a little gastro bug.  i won't go into details,
as Lily from How I Met Your Mother says: "when it's stomach stuff, you just say "under the weather," or people start picturing you doing unspeakable things"

so i'm "under the weather"

anyhoo, i digress.

on Sunday when i was in bed, Thom was upstairs making dinner, and watching/playing with Isla, it was really nice to lay in bed and hear them playing.

she fell down at one point and cried for awhile, it was sweet to hear Thom comforting her and hearing her calm down.

then later i kept hearing her yelling and running back and forth along the hallway.
it made me smile. 

it's the small moments that make up motherhood isn't it?
(and i guess this is a moment in wifehood as well, as it was lovely to have my wonderful husband take care of me and hear him having so much fun with our daughter :)

Thursday, March 08, 2012

small style #40


love it.

we've had some lovely warm weather this week in Ottawa...
oh wait, it was -26 degrees celsius on Tuesday and then Wednesday it was +12!
crazy town.

pretty happy to be putting Isla in layers again.
soon t-shirts and capris and cardis.

{smoosh-y hugs!}

vest: , thrifted
long sleeve t: Gap Kids, thrifted
jeans: Mexx, consigned 
shoes: Nike, consigned

don't you just love small style Thursdays?

check out Finley's windy style over at Mama Loves Papa today:

Thursday, March 01, 2012

small style #39

Morgan (the momma who started this whole small style revolution) 
over at Mama Loves Papa, 
is celebrating a Small Style milestone!

it is Small Style's one year birthday!
Happy Birthday to you Small Style!

Miss Isla is pretty happy to have been part of small style this year :)

we haven't been there since the beginning,
but we joined fairly early on.
and we love it!

what a fun way to track baby growth! 

Isla is getting so big...
it's fun and a little sad at the same time :)

long sleeve t: Joe Fresh, on sale
diaper shirt: Carter's, consigned
jeans: Gap Kids, consigned
slippers: Robeez, consigned

Head over to small style to see all the cutie cute little ones who have joined up this year!