Tuesday, December 19, 2006

C'ford WHAT!?

so i am terribly sorry for the lack of posting.

Quick recap:
-i did not finish the quilt in time to send with noah and robyn. noah enticed thom and i into a game of "ticket to ride" while i was supposed to be quilting.
-many pyjama parties were had with ryan and sara. this means that it was a lazy day and i did not want to get dressed so i announced it pyjama day. now it has become a regular attraction.
-catherine taylor had the chicken pox and was quarantined, so sara, ryan, thom and i went to keep her company as we have all already had the pox
-ryan taught thom and i to play wizard
-my blog was 'old' and i was not able to post on many "new" (read 'beta') blogs. thus i missed my moment posting a clever comment on julie's blog. my comment would have gone something like this:

gadzooks that Holy Toast looks good! is that from the website? or a photo that ninny took? does the Holy Toast puncher really work?

Are we in fear of losing our place in heaven for this sacriligious behaviour?

Tune in next time.. Same blog time same blog channel.

ha ha so funny..... hmmm

-also, much baking was done, but i do not have time to post any recipes as we are packing for C'ford. (Campbellford-where thom's fam is), however if you are looking for the Van Patter chocolate chip cookie family recipe you can find it on the back of the golden crisco box. imagine me discovering this in 2nd year while declaring that my mom has the best home made recipe in the world. my whole childhood is a sham.

Anyhoo, now we are off for 4 days of loveliness, and we get to see the most lovely, wonderful and beautiful alex and other such fine campbellford folk.
also i got a package from my mom at work today and it was filled with prezzies.


Merry Christmas to everyone.

love kate vanpanderson

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Celebrate good times!

Ok, so school is done, exams are done, and I have officially started my holiday (with the exception of a few days of work). I decided that the best way to celebrate my freedom would be with a day of Norwalk virus (or possibly food poisoning--- was it the church potluck or the fact that 2 of my co-workers had norwalk? only the Lord knows for certain--and possibly my digestive and immune systems). Anyhoo, that is behind me now, and I am about to jump into serious quilt mode as i need to finish (oh, and start) a baby quilt for someone. However, my quilt delivery people (noah and robyn) leave on thursday (oh yes today IS wednesday), however i have pulled off more amazing feats than this.

So onto some quilting, I'll be sure to post a pic tomorrow.

PS. Julie, your blog is not allowing me to post for some reason, it makes me sad i had such a witty comment for yesterdays post.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

first day of school... first day of school

oh wait, actually i mean last day.

it is 6:23 and this is just a brief note to say, in 2 hours i will be writing my one and only exam and leaving this very busy (but very educational and actually quite great) semester behind me.

I just need to refresh myself on how to calculate Intracranial Pressure. and then TA DAH.

yip yip yippee!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

RIP Chad Muska

I have sad news. Last week, Friday December 1st, 2006, little Chad Muska the newt was laid to rest.
Chad's life began during March break in grade 12 when Soya, Mike and I all bought newts for $1.97 at Walmart (who really knew you could buy a newt at Walmart?) . Chad lived for 6 and half years. I thought that this was very old for a newt, especially since Mike's and Soya's died within the week.
When I googled newt life spans, I discovered that newts can indeed live for up to 60 years if cared for properly.
I am sad to report that Chad Muska most likely died from neglect, and not of old age.

When we had the funeral at sea, Olivia became very nervous as to what fate would befall her. I reassured her that since Thomas was the one to be feeding her everyday, she has a far greater rate of survival.

Rest in Peace dear Chad. Enjoy Newt Heaven.