Thursday, March 11, 2010

Baby Isaac is here now. He is Ben and Mary's little guy, he came about 3 days after Mary and I finished the nursery. We figure he couldn't wait to see it. He was a week early and delivered at home! See the pics of the nursery here.

He may love the nursery but he seems to remember all to well all the belly pokes I gave Mary to get him moving. Today he grumbled in my arms and kept giving me shifty glances. I don't think he trusts me.

Once I finally give him his quilt he will be much happier with me. Maybe he thinks that I forgot it!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

i won!!!


I have been following lots of blogs over the past 6 months. One that I really like is The Shabby Nest, Wendy's blog.

She has the same love for anything shabby, thrifted and found as I do.

So, this past week I entered her contest to win some beautiful apothecary towels from Dreams of France.

And. I. Won.

wonderful! I can't wait!

Thanks Wendy!!