Thursday, February 14, 2013

secret resolutions

does anyone else do this?

it feels similar to when i make a list and have some things i can cross off right away.

ie today's list could be:

- get Isla ready for daycare
- feed Megan
- blog
- get dressed
- look at paint for Isla's room
- tidy
- maybe go to the Restore or Ikea

you know... it looks like i've accomplished something already today

(which frankly speaking, getting one girl off to her day of fun 
and feeding the other one is an accomplishment!)

anyway, where was this going?

oh right, secret resolutions.
well, it kind of goes with the whole resolution of getting out more with the girls (which isn't so easy to keep with -30 celsius windchill... this doesn't mix with newborns---or with me)
but i also wanted to resolve to get out more on my own.

i had been tossing around the idea of cross country skiing
my family did it a lot when i was little, but it's not something i've really done seriously in probably 20 years.

so a couple of weeks ago Maryann and i went to look at used skis at Trailhead... apparently they only sell them at the end of their rental season--which makes sense, but is a bit of a bummer.

so with lots of giggling and a poor young sales man (who was so nice and unfazed -mostly- by our giddyness) we proceeded to try out and by brand new equipment!  

and on Monday night we did our first real ski.

we went to Gatineau and skied into a little cabin for a dinner.

Emma got us all together, Annie picked the route, Maryann provided the car and i drove.

it was so so so so nice.  and i was so happy.

and not entirely too sore the next day...

just my fingers, elbows and left big toe.  i have no idea why.

so secret new year's resolution was to start cross country skiing.


apparently skis are fit based on weight now and not height. this was a sad discovery, 
however our lovely little salesman showed us the first pair of skis which were between 100 and 130 pounds 
and said "this is probably right"

Oh Pat... you've obviously helped ladies purchase their first skis before ;)