Friday, August 10, 2012

hi there!

this is what miss Isla can be heard saying pretty much every time she see's Mommy or Daddy.
we love it!

sorry for the hiatus!  

we've been a little busy this summer.

July has been jam packed.

July 6-I turned 30

July 7-we moved into our very first house!

July 8-we celebrated 6 wonderful years of being mr & mrs

July 17-we became auntie & uncle & cousin for the first time!

and the most exciting for us:
July 23-we welcomed a 4th member into our family
miss Megan Elaine!

we are completely smitten by her,
even her older sister can't seem to get enough of her!
(which frankly is a big relief!)

we are loving life as a family of four,
and are adjusting very well.

Megan is slightly more noisy than Isla was in the cooing/grunting/crying department,
but she sleeps almost as well as Isla did at the beginning,
so no complaints here!!

blogging will return regularly as i can't wait to show pics of our family, our house, our yard
and what we've been up to these past few weeks :)