Wednesday, April 28, 2010

oh spring...

oh spring...
when will you come to stay?

I have been growing some little seedlings indoors and I have been waiting to put them into their pots on my balcony, then yesterday...
we had snow

I truly do not mind snow in the winter, but after a couple of weeks of +18 degree Celsius weather, snow was a fairly unwelcome surprise!

and my little indoor seedlings keep on getting bitten by a mischievous Olivia the Cat!
I've started keeping my plants on the cutting board, which is not Thom's favourite spot for them, but it does seem to be the only place that Liv won't jump up on.

Speaking of my husband, can I share just one of the lovely reasons I love him?
Monday night, at 11pm, when we were both already snug in our beds, I suddenly remembered the forecast for that night and the next day, and my hydrangea still sitting on the balcony, and my wonderous hubby got out of bed to save that little ol' plant from freezing!
That is love!

Monday, April 26, 2010

the long overdue circle quilt!

this quilt has been a little while in the making. i actually started it before baby isaac was born, but then school and sickness and other things got in the way.

this may also be one of the very few circle quilts i make, i loved making it, but it was tricky!! lining up all those circles took a lot of time!

i do love the way that it turned out though!

here is baby isaac lounging on it. we have had a rough start to our relationship, it seems he never forgave me for poking him very hard when he was in the womb, one time (while still womb-bound) he kicked me very hard, sort of a get-your-hands-off-of-me kind of kick! that little man always gives me furrowed brows and sideways glances and the first time i held him he screamed!!

but by the looks of this picture, i may be forgiven!!

you can see this pic and some of the other blankets that baby isaac at ben and mary's blog