Sunday, May 21, 2006

Nomad part 2

Well, my time with Maryann came to an end last Sunday, as Benjamin was coming home the next day. So much fun was had over the two weeks, with lots of giggling and carrying on and even some secret hugs in the night (maybe not so secret, as Mary tried to dodge my affection). Now I am with the most lovely Michelle, for at least 4 more weeks. It is lovely to be here, and also be right next door to Ashley and Beth.
Olivia has finally been fixed (THANK YOU BEN AND SARAH!!!) and now she is the most wondrous cat in the whole world (topped only by Sushi when she is shaved and wearing a little t-shirt).
The wedding countdown is almost on as we have less then 2 months to go. We picked up my wedding band yesterday and Thom's should be in shortly. Mine is a beaut!! I love it.
Thom has been wearing shorts and I am glad.
Tomorrow we will be having a pizza party. It makes me think of Pizza day back in elementary school. Why doesn't university have pizza day? (I guess really in first year we practically had pizza day once a week, as well as chinese food day!)
It has been raining all week and today is no exception, but I am in clinical right now (psych roation) so it has been nice to know that I am not missing any good whether, byt the end of this week however, it will be sun sun sun.

i'm out.

ps. Hayley, if I have heard right, and I think my source is fairly reliable, I heard you may not be coming to the wedding!!! HILLARYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! I only get married once!!! you better get that booty here. Or you will face dire consequences.

Monday, May 01, 2006


Well, I've moved out of my little apartment, and Thomas and I have found an apartment, but we do not gain possession of it until July 1st. So I am a little bit of a nomad for the next two months, well really I will only have to move twice more. I am staying with Maryann for two weeks while Ben is away in Croatia for school, and then I will stay with Michelle for the next month and a half. The wedding countdown has seriously commenced with only 2 months and 7 days to go and much to do, oh right, we still need a photographer.
Also, Thom and I have exact opposite work schedules, I start when he ends and I work Saturdays and he does not, I am trying to find a new job but that is proving to be difficult. I know that God will work it out.
We had two fantastic meetings with the Church yesterday. Andrew Hughes was visiting us from Grand Rapids, here to give us direction as a church. He spoke all about leaving the past behind us, that the Bible points this out more than once to us (Isaiah 48:18-19, Philippians 3:13). We cannot move on while dragging things with us, this means leaving behind offenses, past hurts, past good times that keep you living in the past. Also to no adopt a repetitive posture with God, just because something worked awesomely in the past, doesn't mean it will even work a little now. Listen to what God is telling YOU, and be obedient to Him. It usually is a small thing that he wants us to do, with Him working out the rest, and the results are HUGE!!!
Last week was moving week, this week is figuring out hotel accomodations for wedding out of towners.
And of course the job hunt will continue.

OH OH OH!!! I forgot to say! I had a final that I was so worried about, because I did terribly on the midterm and we needed a 66% to pass the class. I studied my little behind off and then I spoke with confidence over God rewarding me (I also had to speak away a lot of fears and negative thinking), but lo and behold, I needed a 72% on the final and I got a 78.5%!!! Hurrah, God always outdoes our expectations. So, as far as I know, I am registered and completely ready to go for year four! Imagine ca! Lovely.