Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thankful Thursday

today i'm just very thankful today for my family being home safe.

we had a pretty major tragedy occur in Ottawa yesterday.

a train collided with a city bus.

some people did not have their loved ones come home to them.

praying for peace and love and grace to all those affected by the crash.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thankful Thursday

so very thankful this week for:

-date night! (and baby sitting swaps with friends who also have littles)-
-strong legs to take me running-
-Megan learning to say thank you all by herself-
-brunch on Saturday with the "Ladies and the Babies" (this is what Isla called it)-
-finding some cute pair of velvet skinny jeans and a polka-dot dress 
for Isla for a total of $5.23 at Value Village-
-Isla's first day of Sunday School *sniff*, she's in the 3-5 year old class, 
graduated from the nursery, where oh where did the time go?-

Thursday, September 05, 2013

thankful thursdays

i've decided to start a little weekly thankful-ness on thursdays, it will help me remember to post weekly-insert sheepish grin here-

so thankful this week for:

-best friends having babies-my bestie Beth and her husband Pat just had their first little baby. and my oh my he is perfection, honestly the nicest baby i think i have ever seen!

-bonfires with friends at their amazing new home (on a tree farm no less!)

-strong legs to carry me while running

-a busy and fun long weekend filled with lots of visits with friends

-4 day work week ;)

-a stack of new books to read on my night stand

always so much to be thankful for!

Monday, September 02, 2013

a little secret

 i've been keeping a little secret around here... it feels big to me.  very big.
(it's not a baby)

i have recently taken up running... if you know me, you may gasp and/or snort with laughter.

i pretty much pledged to never run.

never ever ever.

if (and that sometimes has been a very big IF) i was going to do any physical activity, it was going to be a sneaky trick, as in it would be something that was fun and made me feel
like i wasn't exercising. like snowboarding, or wakeboarding or canoeing or maybe (maybe) going on a hike.

but running? no no no not ever.

then for some reason* in the past few months i started thinking about that "never ever never never never running"and i thought- maybe?

so i went all crazy town and decided to sign up for the color run, then i discovered that if you ran as a team, you could save $5, and me being just the little bit ridiculous that i
am, somehow i ended up being the captain of this team... oh my.

i downloaded an 8 weeks to 5K app on my iphone and finally mustered up the gusto to try it out on July 7th. Go me!

{after my first training run}
July 8th i trip over our computer cord, jam my toe so badly that i can't walk and end up needing an x-ray to make sure it isn't broken.

amazing, this is my real life.

so running gets put on hold for a few weeks.

then i started again. I have been going for a few weeks now and i find the first little run a bit daunting and then i get into it. it feels good, it feels fun, it makes me feel strong.
two weeks ago, for the first time, i did more running than walking.

{some post running pics... getting easier to smile after each run}
i am very very proud of me.

i also ran that color run two sundays ago, i didn't run the whole thing, but we ran at least half of it.
i also had miss Isla in a stroller, she wanted to be a part of the "big mess" run after she saw the promo video.

it made me feel like a real "true" runner.
i really and truly am enjoying my new found running legs and i am excited as to where they will take me :)