Sunday, July 23, 2006

being an anderson

first off I AM MARRIED!!! and it is lovely and i love being a wife and i love having such a wonderful man alongside me every day. (on a different note, robyn, i wish thom had the same waist size as me. it is like 3 inches smaller although i suppose even if it was the same, the length of his pants would be a bit ridiculous on me, imagine?!)
we had a wonderful honeymoon in the dominican despite the hotels and flight trying to split us up, and despite my stomach waging war against me halfway through the week.
perfect weather, wonderful people and a beautiful spot.
now we are back and real life is even better than the domin. although we do miss the beach and the pool and the never ending pina colodas and the strangely engrossing man who led the water aroebics (uno dos treize, uno dosee treize).

i am now in a pickle over whether or not to create a new blog. i love katevp. i don't mind losing van patter but vp? and katevp all smooshed together? it is sad. so i ask... am i being a traitor to my new last name if i keep katevp? katea doesn't look as cool, however it does sound pretty cool.

i would consider sharing a blog with thom, however i don't know if he would post, since i don't even think that he reads the one i write now.

ps. welcome to the blogging world robyn and noah. i am stoked.