Wednesday, February 01, 2006

goin' to the chapel

yowza! weddings are a lot of work. and we are tired, but so glad to be able to start our lives as the anderson's this summer. dress is done, bridesmaid dresses are being ordered tomorrow, we are looking at a place on sunday. and we have registered.

but we are tired. praise God for all the lovely friends that we have had to help us out. we are so blessed to have lots of help and lots of people to distract us and make us forget about wedding plans. tomorrow we are going to benoit and sarah's and contrary to my belief we will be eating wild meat, not live game. beth thought i meant that we would have to hunt it before we got to eat it. which is exactly what my confusion would suggest.

anyhoo, we have started a blog together that will be more of an wedding information page (hey, it's a free website). so don't look for any real postings there, just info.

i guess i'll have to think of a clever new blog name. katevp will retire. i know, i have had my little cry about it and i am slowly coming to terms with being katea. (if you pronounce it k-tay it is way cooler and makes me think of the days when rob priestley called me that... lovely)
anyhow, i am off to work tomorrow so i am off to bed now.