Saturday, March 31, 2007

Kate Anderson, RN

Ok, so techinically, i can't really put RN after my name yet. Techinically, i am only a graduate nurse.
but truly (and not technically) i am done my nursing degree!!!!
i have finished all my placements, all my classes, all my assignments, papers, and care plans.
i am officially (well, as official as i can be before convocation) done university!
and how does it feel? i'm not entirely sure. it feels impossible, like i can't really be done. it seemed like it would take so long. especially after i had to tack an extra year on, that made it seem impossibly long. stupendously long. and yet, here i am. done. finito.

bon voyagee university!!! farewell and good riddance!

the life of an RN here i come.