Thursday, April 26, 2012

small style #47

47, can you believe?

Isla is getting so big,
and so much fun to be around,
she does also however throw some tantrums that are not so fun to be around!!

she has also turned into a true blondie now.
hard to believe she was born with almost black hair!

this morning she came to me with these little pony tail holders that her daycare provider had put in the day previously and kept pulling on her hair.
so i put pigtails in for her again, just like Kattie had done.
wouldn't you know it, first time she stood still while i did her hair.

i guess she likes to impress Kattie! 

her daddy picked out this outfit,
minus the shoes, mommy picked the shoes :) 

long sleeve shirt: Joe, consigned
onesie(underneath): Carter's, bought by Gramma Kiki
jeans: Old Navy, borrowed
socks: Old Navy
shoes: unsure, borrowed

Saturday, April 21, 2012

small style #46

small style.... saturday?
sorry for the delay!

it feels terrible! 
i haven't miss a small since i started 46 weeks ago!
but this was another week of colds here in the geranium household.

here are some more pics of miss Isla the weekend of Easter in Hamilton.
this is the actual day of the Easter "Egg" hunt.

sigh, that little ponytail!

still clutching tightly to that little baby!
she got a new outfit for Easter from Gramma Kiki as well :)

onesie: Child of Mine by Carter's
leggings: Gap Kids
shoes: Wee Walkers, consigned

Thursday, April 12, 2012

small style #45

Isla and i had a lovely Easter weekend in Hamilton with my mom and sister.
my sister is also expecting,
it is her first little baby so we were all there to be part of a family shower for the little man.

the weather was nice
(apparently nicer than here in Ottawa)

so we spent a lot of time out in Gramma Kiki's garden.

it is so nice to be able to be outside without jackets again!

we love it.
that little gardening basket is an Easter prezzie from my mom.
Isla got to look for some bath toys in the grass (instead of chocolate), 
i think that was pretty genius on my mom's part!

Isla thought it was pretty funny to find toys hidden all over the grass!

Isla also love love loves to pretend to talk on the phone, 
she'll basically pick up anything that could be a phone and use it.
my mom had some old portable phones that were amazing.
caught in the act!

vest: Carter's
long sleeve shirt: i can't remember but it is from toys r us
jeans: Joe Fresh
socks: Old Navy
shoes: Wee Walker, consigned

(that's a lot of new clothes!-most of them were on sale, 
i've become a bit of a cheapie when it comes to new clothes!)

Thursday, April 05, 2012

small style #44

Thom and i are pretty excited to be having another little girl.
(did i forget to mention that?)
i was hoping for another girl, and Thom later confessed that while he was not really hoping either way,
just before we went into the ultrasound room he hoped that we were having girl too!

and this is why:

reading to her "baby"

she often asks for "baby" as soon as we get in the car after daycare.
so cute.

pj's: Joe Fresh, gift from Gramma Kiki at Christmas.
and yummy baby feet!