Wednesday, February 29, 2012

motherly worries

about 3 weeks ago i was worried that Isla's vocabulary was too little (it wasn't really, she only needed to know 3-5 words)
she knew: mama, baba (bottle), dada, no

the past week and a half she has added these:
daddy, josh, kitty, kattie (her daycare provider), fish, bunny, blankie, soo (soother), isaac, Bible, amen, block, apple, nana (banana), k (short for okay), 

sometimes we can worry about silly things, and then our babies take off in front of our eyes, and we are a little sad that they are not our little babies anymore.

i was also worried last week that she couldn't properly use a spoon, and that her friend Jillian who is a month older could feed Isla with a spoon!

tonight at supper Isla pretty much speared her entire meal with a fork.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

small style #38

i'm currently in Hamilton visiting my mom.
whenever i'm here, i always try to schedule a visit with this lovely momma.

i was thinking this morning before i went over, that i know a few momma bloggers,
but i've never done a co-blogging post, or blog sharing, or i'm not sure what you call it...
maybe blog collaboration?

anyway, i was over there today and Melissa mentioned that it was Thursday,
i hadn't officially taken any small style photos yet this week,
so blog collaboration here we go!

here is miss Isla and miss Amelia.

Amelia was almost named Isla as well i found out today :)
Isla was both a taker and a sharer this morning.
she took Amelia's cheerios and her tupperware
(as evidenced above)

but she did bring Amelia her sippy cup a few times.
sippy cup sharing happened as well,
soo sharing was almost happening, but we got wise to that in time :)

how cute are these ladies?

Isla is almost 16 months,
and Amelia is almost 11 months.

we had a lovely morning with Melissa and Amelia.

on Amelia:
shirt: First Smile, hand me down
dress: Gymboree, hand me down
leggings: Disney
socks: we weren't sure, but the are hand me downs!

on Isla:
shirt: Roots, gifted
onesie: Carter's, consigned
pants: Old Navy, borrowed
socks: Old Navy

i think Amelia's wardrobe may be even more frugal than Isla's!

check out some other cute wee ones over here:

*ps: i know Melissa because my very good friend Maryann is her sister.
Melissa and i became friends by hearing Maryann tell stories about the other,
and finally we met when Melissa came to Ottawa with Cole when he was a baby
(i think this is the first time we really met...sorry if i am forgetting another time!)*

Melissa and Maryann also have a very fun co-blog where they share stories of veggies, flowers, sunshine and fresh air...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

on the road again...

er, in the sky again?
on sunday afternoon,
Isla and i flew from Ottawa to Toronto
we're staying with my mom while Thom is doing another week of training.
expect a post later this week about thoughts on how amazing single parents are!!

here is Isla in the Porter lounge in Ottawa, waiting for our flight.
she is staring at a little boy who keeps trying to steal her straw cup.
and she is enjoying a little chocolate chip cookie.
Porter is fancy.

Isla was a trooper, she's flown a few times,
but she doesn't really like being held in the 'burping position' for take off and landing,
she was pretty clear on that one.
too bad, so sad miss Isla!

Porter was having a 50% off ticket sale, and since Isla still flies free,
it was about $200 including taxes. 
Not bad when you think about a 6 hour drive by yourself with a 15 month old.

*does anybody else love that the Ottawa airport code is YOW?
                                                                  i always think, "YOW!" when i see it*

Thursday, February 16, 2012

small style #37

i think Isla may finally be on the mend!

here is some heart day style.
finally back at daycare

{at day care, photos courtesy of Kattie}

{watching silly songs for the umpteenth time}

{poor girl still has a bit of a rashy face}
Isla girl and i have been on our own this week.
Thom is away doing training for work.
it has been a longer week,
but it has been a challenge that i (and little Isla too!) have risen to meet.
more on this later.
this momma needs to get herself to bed. 
one more day sans Thomas.

long sleeve t: George, consigned
onesie: Carter's, consigned
pants: Carter's, consigned
socks: Old Navy

Sunday, February 12, 2012

sick Isla update.

poor Isla.
friday morning she woke up with a fever of 40.1
that's the temperature that febrile seizures are made of. shudder.
thankfully we got some tylenol into her right away and she seemed ok.
we brought her in to see a nurse practitioner at my work.
she has an ear infection again, so more antibiotics
(apparently the resident at my doctor's office did not prescribe the last ones for long enough-for an ear infection on a child who is 6 months to 2 years old they should have antibiotics for 10 days... not 7 as had been prescribed initially-so we're not actually sure whether or not it is a new ear infection or the same one)
she also has rash.
Isla girl has been pretty out of sorts again today.
sleeping a lot and pretty much crying when she is not sleeping :(

she was supposed to be getting her 15 months vaccines tomorrow, but i guess we'll just go in to see how she is doing.

Thom leaves tomorrow morning for a week for work training.
pray for a peaceful week for this momma and her wee sick lass.

i hope that all your families are well.  sickness is not fun!
i'm praying for full and complete healing for miss Isla, and no return of colds and sickness!!

Thursday, February 09, 2012

small style #36

sad news. 
Isla girl is sick.

it started with a random rash on Tuesday 
and then this morning a fever broke out.
she seems to be mostly in pretty good spirits, but the grumps do appear fairly easily.

Thom has been home with her the last few days.
next week he'll be away for work training, so pray that Isla is well!

those tired red eyes.
that runny nose.
that red rashy mouth.
poor girl.

lastly here is a bit of reality chez nous.

pretty silly.

pj's: Gap Kids, consigned.

sure hoping that you guys are not having a cold and flu season like we are!
Ottawa has been hit rough this year.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


well, i announced it on facebook, but i neglected to announce it here.
whoops.  ;)

we are indeed expecting our second baby, due around July 30th.
if this one is anything like Isla, they will make an appearance around August 7th.
we'll see.

i am now 15 and a 1/2 weeks along.

with Isla we told quite a few people very shortly after we found out we were pregnant,
 partly due to the molar pregnancy,
we wanted people to be standing in faith with us,
and we had early ultrasounds that showed us a little beating heart and then a little baby body.

this time around,
for some reason we kept it a little more quiet.
we told a few close friends, we didn't even tell our family until we were about 10 weeks.
and the rest of our friends we didn't tell until we were 12 weeks.

i'm not sure why exactly, 
but it felt like we just wanted to have this little secret to ourselves.

it was fun to think i was walking around with a little secret living inside of me that was all my own.

miss Isla really has no idea what is going on, as my stomach gets bigger, we'll explain things to her (as much as she can understand)

but she had one of her first encounters with a new born, 
and she was in awe!

she kept on bringing over Taflyn's soother to have it put it, and she loved peering into her car seat to check out that wee sleeping babe.

so nice.

needless to say, we are super duper excited.

we will find out if baby A #2 is a boy or a girl sometime in the end of March.

it has been strange this time around, with Isla we had so many early ultra sounds to make sure she was alive and healthy, but we've only had 3 so far for this one

(btw, i know that 3 is a lot by most momma's experiences, but we had an early one to rule out another molar, and the first one there was no heart beat-it was too early but you can just imagine the nerve-wracking 2 weeks that followed that-then we had one at around 6 and a 1/2 weeks and we saw a heart beat and then we had the IPS* testing done at 13 weeks)

just wanted all y'all to know about us and our ever expanding family :)

*i'll write another post about why we do IPS testing, i know not everyone does it but it works for us.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

small style #35

this has been a tiring week!
i have been very busy at work, the last 3 days i have seen about 120 patients.
that requires a lot of patience (hee hee)

the saving moment was when i realized that today was thursday not wednesday!
which means that a little scrambling was done for small style.

Isla has been a bit of a bear this week as well
(a small cute bear to be sure!)
but a bit of a bear none the less.
she gets grumpy in the morning when she sees people eating cereal
(she usually eats breakfast at day care, since she is there at 7:30)

and for some reason she has been grumpers in the evenings as well
tonight she cried and cried about not having a spoon, she refused to say (sign) please
and ended up going to bed soundly and sleepily at 5:30

here's hoping she sleeps through the night!

here she is on an early morning day
 getting dressed with daddy

 don't you love watching little toddlers stand up?
look at how far over her feet that little booty is!
and i swear, she is standing up, not falling down!

what a cutie.

shirt: Carter's, consigned
sweater: Joe Fresh
jeans: Mexx, consigned
socks: Old Navy
boots: Robeez