Sunday, November 27, 2005

"Since we're in the house of, the Lord." - Sarah Harmer

oh finally i can talk about this! i bought thomas and i tickets to see sarah harmer and it was a surprise so i could not blog about it in case he saw it, but i don't think he really reads my blog anyway, but just in case. anyhow, the show was last night and it was in this big beautiful church building and that alone was lovely.
As expected, she was so so wonderful. i love seeing her live, she is so nice and you feel like you are her best friend (even if you are sitting amongst the couple hundred people who also feel like that). Her band was wonderful tonight, i love seeing julie with her, she dances and sways so much and it makes me feel glad. anyway, she mostly played songs from her new album 'i'm a mountain' and old weeping tile songs. with a few from 'you were here' and 'all of our names'. thom said that even though he didn't know most of the songs because of them being really new or really old, he still loved the show so much.
at the end of the show, for the last song of the encore, she unplugged her guitar, and took away her microphone, and she sang 'how deep in the valley' just like that, in the church, with her band singing backup with no microphones either.
i nearly cried. i think the sound of that song will stay with me forever.

so i leave you with this:

how deep in the valley must you go?
to find what your footsteps already know
the way on is the way out
their are signs to follow
there is deep in the valley and i'm bound to go
how deep in the valley must you stay
to know why your footsteps led you that way
the way on may be truly to stand in one place
and let the deep of the valley fill you with grace
and treat yourself lightly, treat yourself kind
you've got nothing to worry on, you will be fine
you will leave this place laughing and somebody will cry
there is deep in the valley, wonder not why
wonder not why go and wonder not to stay
if it takes me and i follow or if i lead the way
it can come when it wants to
but it might have to wait
there is deep in the valley i don't hesitate
i don't take it too lightly but it don't weigh down too low
there is high on the cliff top and there's deep creeks below
there's a green shade you can't miss where the spring water flows
there is deep in the valley and i'm bound to go
how deep in the valley must you go
to find what your footsteps already know
the way on is the way out
there are signs to follow
there is deep in the valley
and i'm bound to go

Thursday, November 24, 2005

I am P.E.I. !!!!

What Canadian Province Are You?

You're Prince Edward Island. You're a happy person, love life, and seldom complain. You're able to see the best in any situation.You do live a g-rated life and tend towards things mainstream. People like you, unless they're depressed.

let it snow let it snow let it snow!

i must say, that i have had a very happy morning. i woke up, and when i looked out the window, i exclaimed: 'oh!', for there was snow on the roof across from my window. if it is going to be cold, i expect there to be some snow to make up for it, so i am happy. yesterday i was sad in my apartment because it was FREEZING. my feet froze, and hurt a little, and this morning when i came out to type my care plan, my hands started to freeze, and i was sad because i had a cold apartment and i didn't know how to turn up the heat (i have old hot water heaters), and i don't have time to call my landlord, to have her visit since i have to finish my care plan, which as you can see i am working away at right now ;)
anyway, i looked at my heater, and i noticed a little tap, so i turned it. no explosions, so when i came back a few minutes later and felt the warmth coming from that little heater, my heart leapt. what a happy day. like romans 8:31 & 32 says: 'if God is for us, who can be against us? He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all - how will he not, along with him, graciously give us all things?'
God cares so much for us, even for little things such as having heat! loverly.

so, i had better stop procrastinating and get back to work,

oh and just in case you are not a visitor of virtuo city, check this out. it is crazy.

love to you all on this wintry day.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

oh finally!!

today is the day!!!! i first off get to go to my work, and seriously has naybody loved working in retail as much as i do at paperpapier? the only thing is i have become a present wrapping snob, whether giving or receiving.

whatever, the imprtant thing is that today, thomas will pick me up at 5:30 and off we shall go to see Harry Potter!!!!

Finally it is here. I am so excited. Thom, Ryan and i watched the prisoner of azkaban on thursday and it made me all the more excited. Hurrah!!!


ps. i promise not to spoil the movie in the next post so do not be afraid to check back.
also, is it ok to be slightly annoyed by people who call themselves harry potter fans but don't read the book. also, to scott and jordan. this is an old thing, but i knew you would both like harry once you took the time to know him ;)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

early mornings

oh me oh my,
clinical has started (well this is the fourth week) but tomorrow morning we are back to days, and while days are usually a little more exciting and tend to pass a lot faster, it is a early early morn. we (linsey, mary-anne and i) have to catch the bus at 6 am. and then travel for almost an hour to the queensway-carleton hospital. i love my new 3rd year friends. i was so worried about entering third year and having to make new friends (how silly). but i am thrilled, as well as i get to sit beside an old friend named kim who now has a lovely little boy named aidan. so so cute.
also Keri Jones is coming this weekend! he is the apostle of our church! hurrah hurrah hurrah, direction and guidance is oh so wonderful. and beth is playing 'mom' to nathan and vivian this weekend, God's grace to her, that is a long weekend with little babies and no momma or poppa to intervene, i will however lend as much of a hand as i can on sunday.
anyhow, since i need to be getting up earlier than the crack of the sun, and it will be dark as dark can be and hopefully no longer pitch wet as it has been. pitch wet makes me miss soya. old accidentally gay pride mitts that need to be replaced but are too sentimental to be replaced make me think of hayley. and last but not least if i slam anyone into any lockers i will definately think of erik.