Thursday, September 25, 2008

ode to an ironing board

A real conversation:

Rodney brings in his ironing board to do some ironing
Kate-"oh Rodney, i'm so jealous of your ironing board"
Rodney-"don't you have one?"
Kate-"yes... but yours is soooooo big!"

Since I became a quilter I have had a few different ironing boards.

The small green one was given to me by a friend. I was still in residence in first year and did not have one.

When Thom and I got married we upgraded to a bigger ikea one. Rather flimsy and not very big.

Then this year for my birthday, my lovely husband bought me a real true ironing board.
A few people were worried that my husband was going to be in trouble for getting me such a domestic item for my birthday. Truly it was one of my best presents ever. Every time i take it out to iron, i say and say "this is the best ironing board ever"

to put the size of these ironing baords into perspective here are Charlie and I beside the original ironing board. the 'baby' if you will.

keep in mind that Charlie is a mini weenie.

that is some small ironing board.

Friday, September 12, 2008

She plays wipe out on the drums
The squirrels and the birds come
Gather 'round to sing the guitar
Oh - I...have you got nothing to say
When all words fail, she speaks
Her mix tapes a masterpiece
Walks through the garden
So the roses can see
Oh - I ... have you got nothing to say

And you can see the roses in her footsteps
Dandelions, butterflies
I wanna be Kate

Everyday she wears the same thing
I think she smokes pot
She's everything I want
She's everything I'm not
Oh - I ... have you got nothing to say

She never gets wet
She smiles and it's a rainbow
And she speaks and she breathes
I wanna be Kate

Down by Rosemary and Cameron
She hands out the Bhagavad Gita
I see her 'round every couple days
I wanna meet her so that I can say, "Hey Kate..."

by Ben Folds, Darren Jessee, and Anna Goodman

Thursday, September 11, 2008

a big move.

at the end of august, my sister Danielle packed up her montreal apartment and moved back to the Calg. to start her teaching career. she asked me when she left if i wanted to come and take any of the things that she had left in her apartment.

i decided that i did!

Little did i know that she really had left most of her things.

this is the van full of all her stuff (also, my little sister Roslyn was
in montreal, a week before i was, with her boyfriend Reid and a suburban and she also took a bunch of stuff back to my mom's new place!)

my favourite moment of the whole trip?


i moved this double mattress down 2 flights of stairs and into the MacKinnon's van all by myself!!


i of course managed to fit in a little bit of shopping, urban outfitters where i bought a lovely little feather headband that the plume would approve of whole-heartedly.

and to the new H&M for some skinny jeans and a few new tops.