Monday, April 16, 2007

oh the weather outside is frightful

blech. today the weather is ghastly. it snowed snowed snowed overnight and then rained rained rained this morning. this is beth and i in a sad state after our swim today.

there was about a foot of slushy thick wet snow on the road and sidewalks. i cleverly wore my boots, beth in her runners. however i soon discovered that my faithful wellies have 2 cracks in my left (your right) boot.
this is now my second pair of boots busted in 2.5 years. what can i say. i wear them pretty much through all four seasons.
i am looking forward to the warmer weather that the weather network is promising for the end of the week.

goodbye faithful flower and heart rainboots. i loved you much.

Saturday, April 07, 2007


well, i have been quilting a lot again. however, i currently cannot post any real pics as most of them are gifts for the upcoming new mommas in our church. this one is olivia helping me with a flannelette ruffle edge quilt, which is now completely finished.
i recently read on someone's quilt blog that they only make quilts for the first born in a family. ouch. that hardly seems fair! Thomas pointed out that maybe it is supposed to become a hand me down. i think every new baby deserves his or her own blankie!
anyway, i have been keeping busy, and being creative. once these baby showers start happening i'll be able to post the quilt pictures. i am so excited to share them. i pretty much fall in love with each and every quilt that i make.
thomas laughs cause he always hears me saying... "oooh, this one is so so nice!"
i love to make these quilts with specific people and babies in mind. maybe i can find a picture of the one i made for Carys. because that one has a backing fabric that is sooo Carys.

anyhoo, i am off to start another quilt. there has been another baby announcement. Mike and Kristen are expecting their first baby in november.

our church will almost double in size this year due to the number of babies we are expecting! lovelyness.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Beth has encouraged me to start swimming. It is lovely! The public pool here is 30 dollars for 3 months if you are a student. So that is awesome.
So the month of april will consist of studying and swimming and spending quality time with people that I haven't seen over the past semester because of all the busy-ness. Starting with Todd and Shannon and James and Keegan this friday. Hurrah!!
I'd also like to maybe join a canoeing club this summer, however it is a little intimidating when there is no one else to do it with. Where are my canoeing buddies?

Also, I really wanted to put a picture of Nancy and I in our matching bathing suits from our LIT days, but alas i have none saved to the computer and no scanner. ah well. Nin you know what i'm talking about. B's and birkenstocks. an ode to Enid.

Love to the SK today.