Tuesday, March 01, 2011

remember how...

remember how baby A was due in three days?
and remember how that was back in October?
and remember how baby A was actually a week overdue?
and remember how now she will be 4 months old and I haven't even done a post since she was born, let along put up some pictures of her?

Let's remedy this, shall we?!

here is baby A!

Here is Isla, born November 2nd at 6:15 am (it was a Tuesday)
As you can see her daddy is already smitten (after nearly passing out right before she was born!)
she weighed 8 lbs and 9 oz, whew!

here she is heading home from the hospital, 2 days old

then let me fast track a little

(this little idea comes from a combo of young house love and making it lovely)
we are taking a monthly photo of Isla, we're not sure when we'll stop :)

Isla will be turning 4 months tomorrow, so I'll put up the new one then.

but for now this is the most recent (and very cute!) pic of Isla

she is, and has always been, a fairly serious little baby,
so we are thrilled that we can now get some big smiles from her.
doesn't she seem older than 4 months?

some highlights from the past 4 months:
  • her being born of course!
  • introducing her to her gramma kiki, grandma, and grandad, aunties and uncles
  • introducing her to all her great grandparents and great aunties and uncles (she also got to meet a great-great uncle and auntie)
  • already taking 6 flights (a total of 3 trips, but flights both ways, twice to Toronto and once to Calgary) Isla is a great flyer!
  • Christmas with a baby is amazing! Isla is the first grandchild on both sides, so you can just imagine!
  • having a baby who slept through the night at 3 weeks.
  • getting to step into the best role of my life (and seeing my hubby step into fatherhood) --i seriously feel like this is the job i have always wanted and never could find
  • seeing all the milestones: lots of babbling and cooing, smiling, laughing, holding her head up, rolling over, discovering her hands, putting things in her mouth, sitting in her bumbo, and starting rice cereal
I never could have imagined how wonderful this would be.