Wednesday, June 28, 2006

dreams coming true

have to say, that I really have been dreaming of this since joining the church here in ottawa, dreaming of many little children. my dreams are coming true!! (thank you Lord!)
this summer we have a number of wonderful families moving to ottawa from T., Kitchener, Peterborough, and so on.

currently the youngsters in our body include James and Keegan, Luke and Victoria, Rhys and of course the newest little Carys. We have recently had the Kiley's join us, so now we have two more children, Meghan and Ryan.

So this summer we have Pat and Ali joining us with their FOUR children, Caleb, Garrett, Abby and Jack; as well as Tim and Leslie and their 2 children, Gavin and Alise.

As well we have Mike and Kristen, and Mark and Anna-Maria coming. so basically our church went from having 4 children for the past 3 years to having 12 children in a few months.
Ask God and he will deliver!!!

Sadly, James and Keegan will be leaving us as they go on to Peterborough in the fall. We are thrilled for them but sad to see them go. Hurrah for children!!! (I am sure that Sarah W. is just as excited as I am!)

ps. speaking of children, the man with a child's heart, cam fraser, will be in ottawa for our wedding!!! hurrah!!!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

14 days

SO! there are 14 days until i become kate anderson! yip yip yippee!
and today will be lovely day spent with as of yet, unidentified ladies, for my bachelorette party! it appears to be almost an all day event!
it will be so nice to have so many lovely ladies together as i miss a lot of the women's breakfast's due to work.
with regards to wedding plans, many things are done, and a few things are left to do.
passports are now done, so is renewing my drivers license, or i should say, switching my drivers license to ontario! i have now had a license in 3 different provinces.

last night we had supper with the Roebuck's and Tenthorey's, well, we were late, so we ate pizza while they watched us, then we listened as Ben and Janie serenaded us with our processional song. then for a walk down to britannia park, and the beach, then some what not to wear. I also finally got to change Carys' diaper, and I held her for most of the night. that girl makes some seriously funny faces and i am not sure if it just at me, she always gives me the slanty eye, like she doesn't trust me. c'mon little baby! i witnessed your birth!!! i proclaimed you (with michelle) a girl!!! there is no need for all the dirty looks!

plus i got a little cuddle and play with Rhys, who calls me Git! lovely little man.

i'm off to have a day of fun fun fun.


Saturday, June 17, 2006

i have a mutant gene

no i can't grow wings, or move metal, or heal super fast.

However, i am 5-10 times more likely to develop a blood clot than most people. I have a gene defect called Factor V(five) Leiden. It is a hereditary gene that we found out in the fall that my dad has.
I had my blood test results read to me this past week, and I am being referred to a hematologist and a genetic counsellor. (what i am old enough to talk to someone about future children!?!).
This is what though. God is faithful and awesome and all healing.
I am praying for Danielle and Roslyn that they will not have this gene, despite the high probability, because God is way above high probability.
So in the meantime I will do what I need to do to not aggravate any possible clots and learn what I can about Factor V Leiden.

and 3 weeks until i am Kate Anderson. woah. that looks weird.

posse out.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Luckiest

three and a half weeks!!!

Hurrah and Hurrah!!!

Thom and I have decided to go to the Dominican for our honeymoon. We are very excited to be able to lie on the beach and swim in the ocean. Last time I was in the ocean I was 10. Thom has never been in the ocean. He will have to learn to breath out his nose, as he always gets water up his nose when we swim, it never fails.

this time next month we will be married and in the dominican!!!