Sunday, October 24, 2004

God is great, and his praise, fills the earth, fills the heavens...

God is so good, so very very good. i love my church body so much... it is like the biggest, best family i ever had. this morning we just had the best time singing and praying and prophesying over each other's lives. so much so that we ended up not having anyone speak.. but when the Spirit leads, the Spirit leads! it was a busy weekend... but a very good one. i prayed in church for the first time in so long and it was lovely. i really can't even express what a good morning it was. walls were broken down... hearts were changed... people were encouraged... love was shared. this is what it is all about... really. when it comes down to it. to be Christ to each other. God has put us in a body and in community for a purpose and it is so important that we walk that out.
jillian k. was here this weekend (the little beth) and it was lovely, and she is lovely and i love that i get to know her. God is so good. i would love to make a family tree of how we are all connected thru God. i think that it would be so sweet to see.
nat and cat were here this weekend too... and at one point there was matt, nat, cat and pat on a couch... i kid you not.. it was pandemonium.
i have my first midterm tomorrow, and truly i hope that all goes well otherwise i fear the loathing of school may return.... i do not want to hate school anymore. it makes it very much not fun.

this weekend jill didn't remember paul (her brother), beth needed a lot of attention, and i carried a ginormous pumpkin home from the grocery store.
all in all one fabulous weekend.


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

i long for canoeing

it's a beautiful day, the sun is shining thru my window, and i have so much school to do. really all i want to do is go canoeing. i wish i had a canoe, and i wish i had a car to put a canoe on and then off i would go to not return for a few days. i was just looking at my thanksgiving pictures from a few years ago. from the grey owl trip, and the trip with andi's p.'s. with andi, knoxy and ninny. with ambi. i miss those dudes. they are loverly friends. one day i do indeed hope that a trip will be had again. at the very least with the loveliest of lovelies, little ninny g. yesterday we talked all about her and her adventure racing and broken limb.
why cannot all my friends live in one place? i also got an msn message from soya. about a sleepover with her, tasse, and hayley. i miss the days of yore. but i also love the days of new.
yesterday at cell we talked all about purpose... and the purposes of God for us. and how when we are saved God calls us into a purpose to see the name of Jesus fill the earth. and how we are given all the ability to fulfill this purpose and walk out our function and we do not need to wait a long time to be equipped because we already are. i love how good God is. no matter what is going on in our lives, no matter how confusing situations may be, he is still good.
i love when we can realize things that are wrong in our lives.. (and sometimes still wrong after all these years) and realize that Jesus nailed them to the cross. and that it is never too late to change. that the old me, the dead kate is laying at the bottom of the baptism tank at emmanuel baptist church.. right next to the old soya, and the old scott and the old greg... and all the old dead of all who have been baptised there. fabulous.
life is good.

yesterday beth could hear the wheels turning in my head in a seminar about children and literacy, we (beth, kate, mattie, tom, pat) had some of janet's cheesy casserole, and tom loved that i sang "you got to give me some lovin'!" to him and beth.
all in all it was one glorious day.

today, already i have finished a book, had a little chat with april, and thought about what needs to be changed in my life. i still have plans to finally finish my philippines posting, post for integration and study for micro.
all in all it looks to be a pretty productive day.

bon voyagee!

Monday, October 18, 2004


oh the most lovely trip was had yesterday. pat, mattie, tom, beth and i went out to gatineau park in noah's car. after many wrong turns because the info lady refused to tell us how to get to the lusk caves, we finally made it. to all of our dismay, the canoes were already locked up for the winter (uh, hello... there is no snow on the ground! why are the canoes locked up?) and looked next to impossible to 'borrow'. so off we went to the lusk caves. to mattie and tom's surprise, the caves are filled with water (i guess beth and i failed to mention this, but somehow pat knew). so they were in their skivvies the whole time and i was in hysterics.
the water was freezing! painfully freezing... tom loved it the most and could be heard to say over and over... "ok let's go back you guys.. good idea tom... ok time to turn around... this isn't fun... " and other such comments.... when the water rose to waist level, mattie serenaded us all with an 80's style rock song called 'my testes are broken'.... all about trusting a girl and she led him into icy cold water and now... his testes are broken. my favorite part... holding tom's hand at the back of the line because i was too afraid of being last. the best part about that... i have known tom for one week... we are tight! it is so very spectacular having those three boys in ottawa. beth and i praise the Lord for them everyday. oh, the other best part of the night.... beth wearing tear away pants with nothing (and i mean nothing) underneath them... because our dry gitch was in the car, and our wet gitch was too cold and chafy to walk back in.
on the walk back we were given the privilege of again being serenaded by mattie, but this time in german, plus a little acapella 'stand by me' from all 3 boys. i then proceeded in classic 10 times fashion to trip on a rock and sprain my ankle, to the point where everyone had to stop while i tried not to cry and let my ankle swell up. but i managed to walk out... i figured if amber can do it with a shattered ankle, a sprain can't stop me! and then later pat, mattie and beth prayed for it, so it doesn't hurt anymore and i was able to dance in the meeting, but it is very swollen and very stiff. also, my knee has a sweet bruise on it.

tonight robyn, mary, beth and i laid in beth's bed and had many laughs together. i love my housemates.... i just love having a home to come to. it makes me do leaps of joy. plus sylvie and rachelle just moved in to the building next to us and we can yell to her from our kitchen window. i love it!...

today tom loved the flashy pin my mom sent, robyn wore a beautiful new fleece, and mattie tried to put breasts on his foam man in sunday school.
all in all it was a very fine day.

word to your motha...

Saturday, October 16, 2004


well, i must say.... i just realized that it is october 16th and i as of right now still have no idea what to be for halloween.. i mean there are some ideas being thrown about, but nothing concrete. this may not seem like a big dilemma to the normal university student... but as i am sure most people already know, i am not the normal uni student. especially when it comes to halloween. last year i told kate h. that she ruined halloween because she changed her costume idea on october 1st. i like to have these costumes planned out... i like to make costumes and have enough time for mistakes. plus this time always falls in around mid-terms and i need time for studying and sewing! anyhow... the two ideas right now are either.. beth and i being the dead girls from 'the shining'..... "come and play with us danny, forever, and ever, and ever, and ever." and of course if do manage to find the perfect dresses than we are hoping to convince mattie to be danny. we'll see. the other idea stemmed from beth wearing the new tutu i made her, she also thru on the red hi-tops and an apron-made-into-a-cape combo. we thought just random super hero's... of course i would sew us real capes... but i don't know... in my eyes it seems kind of like a halloween cop out. ah well.

last night a bunch of us went to hear a man named joe boot talk on the science of belief. it was really good for me to hear because a lot of the time i think of the spiritual side of being a follower of christ... the passionate side, the perhaps more creative side... which is never a bad thing but it is good for me to hear a more scientific view on things. i think one of the things i was most greatful to hear was that when people tell us (christians) that we are forcing our beliefs on them, first of all for the most part i don't think we do (always exceptions tho) and the second thing is everyday in our lives securalism and worldly views are pushed on us! in school, in what we watch in movies and on tv, basically everyday the world is forcing us to believe what they believe.... untruth.

there was a nice rainstorm last night... i got to wear the yellow rubber boots and the red rainjacket. it was fabulous. also a shout out to the SK folks, i was wearing my u of s huskie shorts and sara mcclure said..."hey! i have those shorts!" to which i said.. "no you don't" but really she does! her and aunt and uncle live in saskatoon! imagine toi! fabulous.

yesterday i started to finish my own quilt, beth read about how there is no denying, that there is a baptism in the Holy Spirit, and pat did some research.
all in all one productive day.

today we get to help sylvie move in next door, maybe go to gatineau on a sweet hike and perhaps a wee canoe trip, and hopefully start a puzzle tonight.
all in all it looks to be a swell day

well. i wish you all a fine day... and i leave you with the thoughts of mattie kennedy..
"who do you think would win in a fight? 1 mister T or 6 master T's?"

a bientot!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

it's one of those things i cannot live without...

this is what danielle has said about her curling iron... and it got me to thinking, what could i not live without? because it is definately a pretty drastic thing to say that one cannot live without a curling iron, no serious personal offense to danielle here, i don't think she meant to be so serious.
after reading lisa's blog does it seem like i am trying to be extra Godly by saying truly the only thing that i could not live with out is Jesus? because truly he is life. i mean, without him we are the walking dead, just waiting to be buried. there are other things of course, but even these come back to him. i couldn't live without beth because nobody in my life encourages me or challenges me to live for him fully. i said to her today... "what do people talk about when they don't Jesus, beth? it seems like meaningless gibberish if it doesn't come down to him." i couldn't live without my church. that being the whole ottawa body, then peterborough and toronto, and then the whole ministries without borders body and then really, the whole body of christ. because when it comes down to it i know that other believers would have the best for me in Him. i guess i need shelter, water and food. but really why worry? i know that he has provided for me all summer when i thought ends would for sure not meet.

it's like the NIN song, hurt... johnny cash style. truly... we have nothing but dirt on this earth. we talked about purpose last night at cell (sort of.. it was a tangent) but also, steve b. preached on it on sunday morn, and how we are all called to a purpose when we become christians, to share LIFE with those who do not have it. we are talking about life and death here people! it's like knowing someone is going to be killed and not saying anything, only it's way bigger than that! i have been realizing the desperation in actually telling people about Jesus... we cannot sit back any longer in this knowledge... it is silly and stupid... and not fair. i mean sure it's possible that people will think that you are crazy, or pushy or silly. but truly, if we believe this to be truth than why aren't we sharing it more? i don't even know.

this post was supposed to be all about my weekend at the best's and i don't even know where all this came from. i think i will have to do a whole other one just because the 2 don't fit together... wait.. no they do.. because again, i was spending time with Christ's body and enjoying his creation and fellowshipping with other believers.

sunday morn was a such a lovely time to be in peterborough, lots of familiar faces that i have not seen in forever. mike and kristen, who are getting married so soon, jeff and mary who are moving to ottawa in january, and we just found out that mary is pregnant! hurrah! a pregnant momma in ottawa! so happy. also, everyone was dancing to my favourite song, "song of freedom", and i don't mean just tapping their toes, i mean full out dancing. i got to have 2 sleepovers with april, and how i love spending time with her and josh because they have a such a lovely God honouring relationship and it is so good to see. just like ben and maryann. fantastic. and i got to have a big best thanksgiving dinner with nana and poppa best and all the relatives. it was so good. i got to see tomata, and meet sarah, and oh me oh my. cindy have tentative plans for a big sewing weekend.. maybe in december. oh yes.
then on monday i headed to c'ford (my wished home) and spend time with the keenes. i also got to meet fife and heather and go for a fabulous rowboat ride in uncle erwin's rickety rowboat (mattie and thomas took heather, fife, beth and i out for a little row). then i got to see the tree that bunged up mattie's knee. also, then beth and i went on a little jaunt in the woods behind her house and i got to step in some straightup campbellford cow dung, try and tell me now that i am not from c'ford alex!!! ;) i had some seriously good marilyn keene supper, and was sent home with a mitten basket and a tin of cookies. and then the icing on the cake..... when i got home i read roslyn's blog, seriously... check it out.. i cry almost every time i read it because it is so beautiful and refreshing and it is just so happy to have a sister in the kingdom.

then last night at cell we talked about baptism and how glorious it is. i love it... i love that it is so good, and that first we leave our old selves behind in water baptism and then we get equipped in Holy Spirit baptism... if you wanna know more about HS baptism... ask i would very much love to tell you!

on the weekend jamo had trouble with std's, april wore a beautiful pink skirt to church, and mattie told a story of putting his hand in fife's poop.
all in all a most delightful weekend.

peace yo

Saturday, October 09, 2004

the most delightful thing...

perhaps not the very utmost delightful thing, but a very good thing. i just got back from maxville and my room is still so clean... that's right folks..clean... i even vacuumed it and things are put away and even when i pulled fabric out the other day i put it away right away! imagine toi! i got home to a lovely surprise... maryann's engagement ring... i think it is the most beautiful thing i ever laid eyes on... i almost cried. it is lovely.

i was taking care of nathan yesterday.. so fun, that little boy makes me laugh so hard. we cut little pieces of paper ( to work on his fine motor skills) for an hour. so fun. then we played cars.

then last night i was at the youth centre.. fun all around except for mediating (sort of) a spat between two gals. it was craziness. but i love it there (imagine! me loving youth!) anyhow, i am off the peterbrough for the best thanksgiving (fyi this is a family's last name) and it's gonna be good.

on thursday beth wore a green tutu, maryann wore a yellow one, and i wore a pink one and mattie thought we were cuckooladoo.
all in all one twinkly toed day.

posse out

Thursday, October 07, 2004

the best thanksgiving

this thanksgiving i get to stay with the bests! hurrah! it will be good times... talking quilting and nursing with cindy... finally meeting luke's girlfriend, chillin and illin with jamo, hopefully a sleepover with april (who is not a best but a very lovely gal) laughing a lot with steve. it's gonna be good. plus i should be back in time for turkey with t & s and j & k on sunday night. oh a good weekend shall be had indeed, and then maybe on monday i can finish my quilt... or start to finish it at least... we'll have to wait and see.

the only sad part of the weekend... not seeing beth for 4 whole days... i am sure that there will be some serious withdrawal. how shall i cope without her by my side every hour of the day? we'll just have to wait and see i suppose. last night we had a good rousing laughter before we prayed about the differences in our bodies. lots of laughing, to the point of tears.

also!!! i spoke to myriam on the was lovely, and we laughed about weddings and how i thought i had it bad with there being 4 weddings this srping... but she has been to 11 this year!!! 11!!! can you even believe? i am in awe. she is doing very well and it was so good to catch up and tell her about roslyn and have her be so excited. hopefully we shall get to play together sometime soon.

pat was in a bike accident. some lady opened up her car door and he hit it and went flying, he flipped right over it and landed on his butt. i am all in a tizzy about how much that lad needs a helmet... especially since he is riding my bike and very rarely do i let anyone ride it without a helmet, but mary has mine and probably it would not fit that o'halloran cranium.

also, beth and i got to watch mattie paint, and i think we think it was a dream. because his paintings look like they come from an old dead guy. not your 21 year old friend. it's weird but we are stoked about what God is going to get him to paint.

anyhow.. i must away to enjoy the day.

yesterday beth and i skipped class, lee got all of our poop on his hands and maryann wore yellow boots.
all in all one exciting day.

peace yo

Monday, October 04, 2004

"in your bum?"

ok.. beth is going to maybe slap me because i used that quote far too much today... but there is this girl in my micro class who is very funny and always yells out answers about random things but is always wrong or uses funny terminology.... that one was from the first day and we were talking about bacteria and where most of it is found and people were saying things like the mucosal lining, the epidermis, and the intestine and this girl just yells out "in your bum?" and the worst was that she was sitting beside me reading my notes and i was like egads! what if someone thought i yelled that!? then today, we were talking about salmonella in turkeys and how the inside has the most bacteria and that is where the least cooking is done and where you put the stuffing, and she pipes in with her cooking advice on how she always boils the turkey first, and that it tastes good but then afterwards proceeded to say that she didn't care about salmonella because she is a vegetarian! i don't even know. anyhow, it makes class more interesting.

today i was bethless in between my community health class and my international health and i finally branched out and sat with some other girls from nursing. hurrah! it was sweet and they were really nice and then i got to sit with them in class too. i have made a lot of new friends so far this year i feel, and it is good because i used to be only loving the gold friends (make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other's gold ... this is a song fyi) anyhow, beth has been a good influence to encourage me to branch out and meet new people and it is good, and that is what God wants us to do, and that is how we get to share the gospel and see people saved.

speaking of which, tonight beth and i watched part of the hillsongs united dvd, and it was totally rockin for jesus! like youth and students totally pumped for God and praising him and dancing and jumping and totally on fire.... and beth said that is the vision that God gave ashley about church in rez. oh halleluia!!! i am stoked.

also, i talked to ramona the brave tonight about baptism, and for some reason she has been told to wait a year to take some classes... show me where in the bible it talks about taking baptism classes, really i'd like to see it... if it comes down to it i'm gonna put her in the tub at christmas... holy... God is so good, imagine that i get to talk about roslyn being baptised.....
sing praise! sing praise! forever God is faithful forever God is strong, forever God is with us forever!!...with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm, His love endures forever. for the life that's been reborn, His love endures forever!!

today kate turned 20, beth had an inside joke with herself, and jes wore a stripey scarf.
all in all one fine day.

peace out

Sunday, October 03, 2004

just like we talked about... the days keep getting better and better!

today i got to walk to church with a lovely bunch of students and on the way there and back mattie told me all about his last year. best part, he got stuck in a big hole(while traveling not while walking to the meeting).

we also talked about how God keeps making life better and better and just when you think that the best things in life hae happened God just pulls out another.

like this for instance... tonight i check my blog and there is a little comment from ramona the great... so off i head to her little blog and lo and behold!!! she is going to get baptised!!! hurrah hurrah hurrah. i am so happy. God is so good. you chould check out her page... it is a lesson in faith and excitement in the Lord

i just wonder when my parents will stop thinking it's a phase... i thought that maybe after me they would have been more accepting right away. i suppose truly it is satan trying to convince them otherwise, that perhaps it is not a life altering event. oh silly parents.

anyhow, i am faithful in prayer and i know that God is faithful to answer consistent, Jesus centered prayer.. so the whole fam shall be saved! hurrah!

today beth and i laughed so hard, ryan and mattie played haki sack with a huge purple gym ball, and vistoria said she was learning a math that i didn't know about (she's 7).
all in all one great day.

yours til the kitchen sinks

the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.

ryan, beth and i just finished watching 'the usual suspects' as ryan had never seen it before and beth had never seen the end (I KNOW!.. can you even believe? all but the end?) but i love that quote that kevin spacey gives about kaiser soze. because it is so true, if the devil has convinced us that he does not exist then we never worry about being in battle with him.

one funny note, in the middle of the movie beth said this 'this always reminds me why i'm not a criminal... these movies' which made me wonder to myself in a funny kind of way... if beth didn't watch these movies would she be a criminal? or at least forget why she was not a criminal? perhaps i should go check my wallet (just kidding beth!)

today was a serious effort to clean the room. it's almost all done.... finally. then i can vacuum. it's gonna be a good sunday... plus we are downtown tomorrow and not in barrhaven and that means we can walk! a whole posse of students on their way to church! hurrah!

also, the cold is feeling slightly better, but still not great. so pat is praying for me and i believe that i will be well for the meeting tomorrow morn.

i always love sundays... because i love meeting with all God's people (not that we can't do that during the week, just that you know everyone will be there). i was gone lsat week and seriously it seems like forever since i was last there. pat knows this as well because he was just in ireland and i think missed 2 sundays! that would seem like an excruciating amount.

robyn wore a scarf today, with her little blue cardigan. mattie had a fabulous day. and ryan could possibly have a stalker.
all in all, one exciting day.


Saturday, October 02, 2004

tonight was the night.....

i met ross and janet!!!!(mattie's parents) now i just have to meet jim and betty-dawn and i am set. janet is the polkaroo to beth... so she may be sad and say 'janet was here? and i missed her again?' maybe tomorrow before they depart she could rendezvous with them.

so i only got one and a half things done on my list... i cuddled with beth and hung out with pat and mattie, sans beth. she has been youthing it up in maxville for the night. i miss her already and when i tried to make the joke the three of us and beth... i just couldn't do it because i always want beth to be a part of the 'team' (alex's term for us). anyhow, i am off to rest my weary sinuses.

posse out

Friday, October 01, 2004

she calls early in the morning...

...about money that i might of spent. it's a classic case of i don't know where it went. -weeping tile

i am sure that sarah harmer wrote this song when her mom called about dwindling funds (at least that is what i am like when my mom calls) anyhow, i bought the weeping tile cd 'cold snap' yesterday as well as a few others on a lovely afternoon date with pat and beth. i finally walked all the way to pat, mattie and alex's place(so now i never have to do it again! well.... maybe one more time..) then i serenaded pat and beth while we made a splendid supper of tuna melts and soup. mattie came home just in time to enjoy the fruits of our labour and a lovely supper time ensued.

then off to hang out with the campbellford posse yet again. at robin's this time. but there was like 9 c'ford people and little ol me trying to prove that i could indeed achieve campbellford status. i love those little campbellfordites (for more interesting facts about campbellford you should visit beth's blog )

this morning i woke up with a full blown cold... one of the perks (i am sure) of spending every waking moment with elizabeth margaret keene... seriously... i now start to feel withdrawal if i do not see her for a couple of hours... i am sure it sometimes sickens those around us.
sadly this cold did mean that i did not get to play with nathan today:( that is now 3 weeks in a row for one reason or another. sadness.

plans for the day:
-clean room
-cuddle with beth
-chill and ill with mattie, pat and beth

that's all for now

'catch you on the flip side'-sir