Thursday, May 31, 2012

small style #52

week 52!  
a whole year has gone by since the original small style here at Katie Geranium!


i was looking through some of the old small style pictures earlier this week and i thought that i would pull out some of my favourites from this past year.

but of course, let's start with the original small style post.

what the what.

can you believe how much this tiny has changed?
i seriously cannot.

i blinked my eyes and now she is a blond toddler who is about to become a big sister.

with Auntie Beth, learning to drink from a straw.


learning to climb 
(and getting blonder)

model pose.


a sick sick winter :(

spring finally came for us!!

and most recently, we spend the may long weekend 
(Victoria day here in Canada)
at the cottage with many friends

oh yes, i'm that mother.
who fears the sun.
those sun suits are amazing and so far i have bought 3 for Isla.
one i paid full price
($40 eep!)

but the other ones i paid $3 or less at value village!

i am so much that mother, 
that i sent Isla down to the dock with Auntie Beth after putting on Badger sunscreen,
but when i got to the dock, 
realized that i did not rub it in.

i became the mom who puts zinc all over her child's face.

(i'm not actually that mother!)

sun hat: Joe
sun suit: NoZone, thrifted

don't you just love Isla and Isaac together?
they did so well this weekend.

(the last 2 cottage photos were taken by Noah Bright)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

small style #51

Isla is having the most cute days lately.
she is saying so much,
she has started saying: "k mommy" when i ask her to do something
she also will say: "please mommy"
which i just love.

look at how big this girl is:

how can this one be from just a year ago?
she looks like an entirely different child!

pretty much 1 year and a few days from today!
what the what.

little baby is getting big.
this is where miss Isla started:

little baby...
where did you go?

wee Isla, 
not so wee anymore.
boo hoo hoo.

from the top photo:
shirt: George
shorts: Old Navy, consigned
shoes: Sand N Sun

i can only imagine how quickly life will fly once there are 2 little girlies!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

small style #50

we are getting close to a year here!

I thought that I would go ahead and fill you in on this little outfit that Isla was wearing in last weeks post.
it's a cute one!

and any excuse to put another picture of these 2 cuties on the blog is worth it :)

shirt/tunic: Gap Kids, thrifted
diaper shirt: Carter's
leggings: Gap Kids
socks: Old Navy
shoes: Pedi Ped
blankie: hand knit by Isla's Great Grandma-Mary

those two.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

small style #49

we're working on the 'no' around here
lately, a lot of questions or requests by mommy or daddy is met with a très whiny "NO!"

this morning, trying to get a picture of my sweet Isla,
was met with many not so sweet nos


ah well,
we are working on them.

so far time outs on the stairs seem to work fairly well.



needless to say,
we did not get a picture of her full outfit.

shirt: Joe Fresh, gift
diaper shirt: Carter's, consigned
jeans: Mexx, consigned

sure glad that we have lovely happy times in between the nos :)

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Isaac and Isla

Isaac and Isla
little kindred friends from the start 
(mostly partly because their mommas made them be)
but they have an authentic little friendship that will be fun to watch as it grows
this is Isaac and Isla 2 weeks ago at our All Nations Church Sunday morning meeting.
they are both on Maryann's lap.

{altogether now: "aaaawwwwwww"}

this is them last Sunday before the meeting started,
sharing snacks,
Isla is usually not a good snack sharer unless she is the one being shared with

{let's put our heads together}
{not talking}

{Isla finally sharing}

{can you see that this is an action shot? that little orange fish is flying through the air, not sitting on her dress}

{best little buddies}

these 2 crack me up, 
they play rough, 
and often get a little miffed with each other,
but they are always so happy to see each other and give each other the biggest hugs upon greeting :)

Thursday, May 03, 2012

small style #48

we had some more sunny weather on Sunday,
which makes sense (sun-day... hee hee)

Isla has been loving the pigtails ever since Kattie did them last week.

this afternoon we did some strollin'

and then after i had some major disobeying/running away/yelling "NO"

we went inside and Isla played with Josh.

she calls him "Shosh"

don't ask me, she can say SH and TH but i guess J is confusing?

cute, aren't they?
(i like how they are both rocking the sailor look)

sweater: Joe, consigned
dress/shirt: unknown, thrifted
leggings: Gap Kids
socks: Old Navy
shoes: PediPed, with a big Groupon savings!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

i promise at some point i will do some posts other than small style!
but for now, we've been busy,
working on some things,
saving for some things,
and trying to rest in between :)