Sunday, May 21, 2006

Nomad part 2

Well, my time with Maryann came to an end last Sunday, as Benjamin was coming home the next day. So much fun was had over the two weeks, with lots of giggling and carrying on and even some secret hugs in the night (maybe not so secret, as Mary tried to dodge my affection). Now I am with the most lovely Michelle, for at least 4 more weeks. It is lovely to be here, and also be right next door to Ashley and Beth.
Olivia has finally been fixed (THANK YOU BEN AND SARAH!!!) and now she is the most wondrous cat in the whole world (topped only by Sushi when she is shaved and wearing a little t-shirt).
The wedding countdown is almost on as we have less then 2 months to go. We picked up my wedding band yesterday and Thom's should be in shortly. Mine is a beaut!! I love it.
Thom has been wearing shorts and I am glad.
Tomorrow we will be having a pizza party. It makes me think of Pizza day back in elementary school. Why doesn't university have pizza day? (I guess really in first year we practically had pizza day once a week, as well as chinese food day!)
It has been raining all week and today is no exception, but I am in clinical right now (psych roation) so it has been nice to know that I am not missing any good whether, byt the end of this week however, it will be sun sun sun.

i'm out.

ps. Hayley, if I have heard right, and I think my source is fairly reliable, I heard you may not be coming to the wedding!!! HILLARYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! I only get married once!!! you better get that booty here. Or you will face dire consequences.


elimakee said...

mmmm... chinese food day... i remember that... and it was always a surprise to me....

Cameron said...

ain't no party like a pizza party
(or an s club party...they're both pretty great)

katevp said...

oh cam!!!
How we wish you could be at our pizza party.