Saturday, March 31, 2007

Kate Anderson, RN

Ok, so techinically, i can't really put RN after my name yet. Techinically, i am only a graduate nurse.
but truly (and not technically) i am done my nursing degree!!!!
i have finished all my placements, all my classes, all my assignments, papers, and care plans.
i am officially (well, as official as i can be before convocation) done university!
and how does it feel? i'm not entirely sure. it feels impossible, like i can't really be done. it seemed like it would take so long. especially after i had to tack an extra year on, that made it seem impossibly long. stupendously long. and yet, here i am. done. finito.

bon voyagee university!!! farewell and good riddance!

the life of an RN here i come.


Nancy Jean said...

KATE - congratulations!!!
well done. i am very proud of you, and so pleased you are still as passionate about it (or more) as when you began.
big hug.

Ben & Maryann Roebuck said...

Congrats Kate. Your photo's adorable. Mary

Anonymous said...

Well done Kate! Congratulations!! Now on to the rest of your wonderful life. New triumphs and challenges and you are fully equipped to take them all on and win!! You are an amazing woman and much loved...

Shannon and Todd xx

Pat & Ali said...

K8 - well done! We are very proud of your accomplishments...You are an RN already to us - "R-eally N-ifty", "R-adically N-otorious", "R-esplendid N-urse"....

All the best, K8!

Let's celebrate soon...

Pat ;)