Friday, July 20, 2007

i'm a real nurse!

It's true kvp readers!! I am have recieved my RN exam results and I am officially a registered nurse!

A large weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am truly done my nursing degree.

And to celebrate I will be working 3 nights in a row this weekend. ew.

Ah well, it's partially what I signed up for.

on another note, a little celebratory purchase was made. i bought
these earrings made by my long time friend Jillian Sue. You can check out her other hand made items here. i love these swirly earrings. Gone are the days of teeny tiny hoops in my ears.

A few summers ago i found a pair of danglies that i love, and I've never gone back. well, except those days in the hospital... but i'm rambling.



Julie said...

congratulations kate!! well done :) you are a star!!! i was meaning to drop you a comment earlier because that space age baby quilt is outta this world (haha!) - literally! i wish we lived closer - i would get you to tutor me in the art of quilting - there is a baby boom going on among my circle of friends at work and church and life in general and it would be rad to be a quilter . . . can you give online lessons? :) oh, and love the earrings by the way - gotta get me some danglies!
miss you lots and have a good july weekend (it won't stop raining here - slightly depressing!)
xox jbn

Melissa said...

My friend, Mélanie, is a nurse in an obstetrics ward or something like that, at a hospital. From the things she's told me, I have some advice (you likely already know this stuff). You can't do everything; you can only do your best. You're doing a great job, even if you are not always recognized for it. You will meet a multitude of doctors whose work you could do better than them. You make a huge difference in many, many lives.