Friday, July 18, 2008

a little update..

so at the beginning of June I joined goodlife fitness, after a lifetime of going on and on about how i hate the gym and would only ever do physical activity if I was tricked into it (tricked meaning doing something I enjoy while getting physical activity... ie. snowboarding, canoeing...and that's pretty much it!) so as not many of my friends do a lot of canoeing (well maybe the real problem is that none of us have a canoe)... and there has not been a lot of snowboarding opportunities since moving to Ottawa, (now we have a car so this winter there will be a snow pass in store!) so because of all this lack of trickery into activity, i had gained *ahem* a few extra pounds since coming to school and a *cough, cough* little more after i got married... (who knew eating husband sized portions of food would do that to you!)

so anyway, i joined goodlife in june and i am proud to say that i have lost 6 pounds. i had a trainer but then she quit the gym and it has been over a month and i just started with my new trainer yesterday... and she was thoroughly impressed that I managed to lose the 6 pounds all on my own!

that was a nice surprise.

i don't always love the gym (i'm sure that i'm not alone in this!), but there is something so satisfying about riding that bike until sweat stings my eyes or to drive home after doing some weights and having my arms hurt while i'm shifting.

so friends, if you are like me and feared the gym and all the crazy machines and felt frightened and alone when you walk in... it really is not so bad.

the club that i go to most frequently is a women's only club and that certainly made it easier.


Robyn said...


Go Kate!

I hear you on the OH YUCK gym front... but when you feel like you are getting stronger and starting to hit some goals, it feels so great. I am really proud of you. And you are going to hit your goals I have no doubt.

You can do it!


Melissa said...

I have been enjoying GoodLife for about 8 years now and I think I will forever be a member simply because of their classes. Have you tried them? Bodystep classes, especially if you get the right teacher, are SO much fun. Bodyflow feel like complete refreshment. Bodypump are the only ones I can get my husband to attend with me. And I tried Bodyjam once and all I have to say is that one must be able to laugh at themselves.