Tuesday, January 27, 2009

surprise surprise

*current background noise...project runway canada*
(this cycle filmed in Ottawa!)

so i just recently renewed my library card at the ottawa public library (after i paid off a 2 year old fine of 34 dollars - yikes!)

i've stopped in multiple times over the past few weeks, one of my newest favourite things to do is peruse the cd's and pull out any that look interesting or quaint or really pretty and i take them home to listen to. and so far the results have been fantastic!!

here are the the great new musicians i have fallen in love with:
-forest city lovers-
-ben sollee-
-kate maki-
-josianne paradis-
-clap your hands say yeah-

i really like kate maki.

i've been driving around the city with her singing in my ears.

this is one line that i kept singing like this...

'is it worth its' weight in scarves?'

i thought to myself... what a lovely and clever line... then i realized it really was
'is it worth its' weight in scars?'

sometimes i like to sing the wrong words.

thom always enjoys car rides with me because i sing along to every song really loud and i keep singing even if i don't know the words. i totally just make them up to fill
in the voids!

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Julie said...

you're funny. personally i think 'worth its weight in scarves' is a better line! happy to see you blogging again - wishing we could go out for a tea and a brownie!! xo