Monday, June 01, 2009

the big spring purge!

So, this spring I have been bit by the cleaning bug... I have unloaded a few car loads of our unused belongings at Value Village... which has been making our house a little more clutter free.

After a ridiculous quest to locate a shirt yesterday morning before going to meet with my lovely Church... I decided that I needed to purge some clothes.

Taking my cue from Renovate My Wardrobe and a lot of inspiration from This Young House, I cleared everything out and like RMW, I decided to count all the items I had before and all the items I had left. It was a bit frightening really.

Before After
Jeans 10 5
Dress Pants 1 0
Capris 5 3
PJ Pants 4 1
Skirts 14 5
Cardigans 17 11
T-Shirts 23 12
Dressy T's 10 7
Shorts 9 4
3/4 length shirts 6 5
Sweatshirts 19 11
Thin Zips 3 2
Long Sleeve Shirts 5 1
Sleep Shirts 11 3
Tanks 11 6
Dresses 13 8
Sweatpants 3 3
Bras 13 8
Sports Bras 5 5
Socks 61 35
Undertanks 12 10
Sweaters 2 2
Long Undies - Tops 2 1
Long Undies - Bottoms 3 3

Total 262 151

So the big total difference was 111. I just got rid of 111 items of clothing that I either never wore, were too small or so old that they were kind of gross to continue wearing. Some things are heading to Value Village and some things headed straight into the garbage, and some things are being saved for crafty projects.

I would like to get rid of a bit more, but sometimes a little sentimentality will overrule. I figure if I haven't worn any summery items by the end of July, I can get rid of those as well...'s nice to clean house.

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Holly said...

holy moley! good for you. i am scared to actually write everything down like that.