Friday, October 22, 2010

T minus 3 days

Baby A is due on Monday!

We are excited and pretty much everyday is the waiting game. My ultra
sound yesterday made it pretty clear that she'll be sticking around in the womb for at least a few more days. C'mon out, we are all waiting to meet you!

On the baby gear front, I have been looking for a diaper bag that is not actually a diaper bag, but will h
ave lots of pockets and be easy to clean like a diaper bag....

I basically want a big pocketed purse.
I looked around in Ottawa, but nothing seemed to fit my description. Either no pockets, or too heavy already, or very expensive (oh did I forget to mention that in the criteria?)
I was also looking for something that was a little fun, not the seas
onal colours which all seem to be fairly neutral. Brown, black, off white and tan.

I had a big yellow purse that would have worked great, but Olivia the wonder cat decided that it was a good place to lie and massage her claws into. Note to self: do not leave delicious yellow purse where Olivia will lie on it.... especially not for months at a time.

Then while perusing Etsy, I came across this.

This is the Beauty Tote from Bayan Hippo.

This one is grey, which I do love, but maybe it's one of those *ahem* more muted colours.
I can always fancy it up with some fancy flower pins or something else lovely!

There are custom colours available if you visit her shop, and you can also customize the number of pockets you want with or without zips for free! I was torn on the colour, there is a lovely violet and a dark mustard that I like, but the grey seems like it will be long lasting and matchable to most things.

I'll have a little think about the colour and then order one.

***update: I ordered the bag last night and asked to have an additional large pocket, some zippers and some elastic, I can't wait to get it in the mail!***

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