Thursday, May 31, 2012

small style #52

week 52!  
a whole year has gone by since the original small style here at Katie Geranium!


i was looking through some of the old small style pictures earlier this week and i thought that i would pull out some of my favourites from this past year.

but of course, let's start with the original small style post.

what the what.

can you believe how much this tiny has changed?
i seriously cannot.

i blinked my eyes and now she is a blond toddler who is about to become a big sister.

with Auntie Beth, learning to drink from a straw.


learning to climb 
(and getting blonder)

model pose.


a sick sick winter :(

spring finally came for us!!

and most recently, we spend the may long weekend 
(Victoria day here in Canada)
at the cottage with many friends

oh yes, i'm that mother.
who fears the sun.
those sun suits are amazing and so far i have bought 3 for Isla.
one i paid full price
($40 eep!)

but the other ones i paid $3 or less at value village!

i am so much that mother, 
that i sent Isla down to the dock with Auntie Beth after putting on Badger sunscreen,
but when i got to the dock, 
realized that i did not rub it in.

i became the mom who puts zinc all over her child's face.

(i'm not actually that mother!)

sun hat: Joe
sun suit: NoZone, thrifted

don't you just love Isla and Isaac together?
they did so well this weekend.

(the last 2 cottage photos were taken by Noah Bright)

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Melissa said...

What an awesome walk down memory lane.