Sunday, May 19, 2013

a veggie garden in the works!

so, when we looked at our house for the first time, Eduardo-our friend and real estate agent- looked out in the back yard and said "what do you think that is?"

my eyes sparkled as i replied: "that is a raised vegetable garden"

when we moved in to our house, the "raised" veggie garden looked like this:

it kind of looked like that, 
that is actually from October, my mom had transplanted a lily back there because there was no where else to put it, and there is also some fresh topsoil in the back left with some newspaper under it to try and ready it for the next summer.

and when we moved in, it was even more full of weeds than this:

and truthfully, when we did our final walk through, the weeds out back were probably taller than my waist.  
no exaggeration.

last weekend i attempted to make the current beds work for me.

first i thought I would just stack the smaller rectangles and make 3 smaller beds, but then i decided to take them apart and make 2 square beds. 

i got to this point:

and then i had a little huff and said to Thom: "i'm sad"
the wood was a little to rotted and ant infested to carry on.

but, being recently inspired by Miss Mary Mary's new cedar bed,
and after chatting with Thom, 
he told me get some cedar boards for Mother's Day to build my very own cedar bed!

Happy Mother's Day to me!

the building break-down to follow


Melissa said...

Oh the JOYS that a little plot of food-producing land can be to a person me (and a person like my BFF Kate)! I know, because we are makers and creaters. We are happiest when we are crafting things. And now you can craft healthy food for your famil for (essentially) FREE! What fun!

Mary said...

I totally agree with Melissa. This is so nice.

P.S. She's MY friend!!!! Ha ha.