Thursday, June 20, 2013

I don't feel ready for this!

these two.

are off to daycare together this morning, for the first time.
Isla has continued for one day a week this past year, and today Baby Megan is joining her.

how did we get to this point? 
this year has been crazy and emotional and a little overwhelming at times,
but it's been an amazing journey to walk through and to see the bond these girls have already--i'm glad they are so close in age*

Thom is dropping them off, and i'll pick them up.
Isla did amazing on her trial days when she was 1, and i'm sure Meggie will do great as well.

i'm glad they are going to such a wonderful home daycare. 
i felt in my gut, when Isla was little, that this was the right place for them, 
and to this day i am so thankful to God for bringing Kattie into our lives.

*just to say, that i'm glad they are close, but if we have another one we will wait a weeeeeee bit longer in between.

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ChristyB said...

Awww - good luck to the girls today. Isla will totally take care of Megan - it's going to be great. Hard though; I definitely get that. It's going to be a fun new stage!!! And I will tell you that having kids that are farther apart in age is SO MUCH FUN for SO many different reasons. I'm sure it's also great to have them closer for different reasons....but seriously, Anika and Sam love each other SO much...and she can take care of him. She puts him to bed on occasion. She takes him to the bathroom. She is a rock star with him. I can't wait to see how she is when the twins are born!!

Hang in there today - it's going to be great!!!