Monday, April 25, 2005

i'm sharing a room!!

oh me oh my. the day has come, it has been decided that i can perhaps keep a room clean, and for the next two glorious months i get to share a room with beth. it has been a fun filled organizing past few days, beth and i threw a couch off the balcony with a group of parents watching from the elementary school parking lot behind our place. then we dismantled the bunkbed, this was a little sad, cause maryann is gone for real, and living on her own until her and ben get married in less than a month!! holy.
so lovely annie is moving in this friday, and then it will be so fun. we are currently trying to sort out landlord/lease issues and not sign another whole year lease, but there is a definate communication barrier there. as well as, for you other students who do not know this, if you give your landlord a deposit, they have to pay 6% per year on it. check it out in the Ontario Tenant Protection Act section 118.6.
i have one exam left, but i cannot stop organizing or moving! this is not a good thing. but summer is almost here, and i am loving my job and i am now heading up the kids work with our church, and i am so excited. it has been cold and rainy here and that makes me sad. the sun is out today and i think we may break 10 degrees.
there has been much prayer going up in these here parts (and praise) God is moving!! rememeber that if you are being spiritually attacked it probably means that you are moving forward into new things. the devil does not have to attack people who do not move on. we've been praying in our cell groups, in our sunday meetings and all over the place. i tell ya, something is happening. and it is just the beginning. healings are happening. jeff and mary are about to have a pain free delivery of their first child. want to know more about healing? or be healed? this sunday (may 1st) , we are going to be talking about the Holy Spirit healing, and we will be praying for the sick. so if you are in ottawa come on out, the old town hall: 61 main street, at 10:30 am. it's gonna be an awesome time.
also, i got a new cat!! one that maryann and beth both like! beth even said she loves her! woah. that is one nice cat. she is lovely and cute and i prayed to not be allergic and i am not! hurrah! my mom will say, oh it must be a hypoallergenic cat. my mom is a selective prayer believer. but i love her, and am glad that she believes some prayer.
the very best part about sharing a room with beth is more prayer time with her, we have seriously been neglecting that since the summer. it is not good.
Jesus is moving....

in the words of robyn.."much love on your heads today...grin"



katevp said...

is it lame to post your own first comment? probably, but i forgot to say that if you have a cat, give her a pompom to play with. it is very funny and my cat seems to love it.

Rachel Malena said...

hey kate, thank you for your blogs, i love them and always feel better after i read them. i just really apprecitate your words, i needed them today.
love rachel

katevp said...

i am glad that i could help rachel. God is good, and taking care of us (even through blogs!)

James said...

You can also find the most recent version here Ontario Landlord and Tenant Act from the Ontario Tenants Rights site.

They even have an Ottawa apartment for rent and community information page.