Monday, April 04, 2005


it is spring. for real it is spring. the snow is melting and almost gone, the rains have begun and thom and i can hold hands without hindrance of layers of mittens. i love spring!! and the tulip festival is just around the corner. that is the best of all, for someone who loves tulips, fields of them all over ottawa definately satisfies.

today beth and i get to go have lunch with jeff and mary smith. a lovely couple who moved to ottawa in january to join the work of our church. lovely. mary is so beautifully expecting and she is due may 1st. hurrah!!! i love those little pregnant mamas.

we are painting ben and mary's apartment this week which means maryann is moving out soon. this is sad, but exciting cause her and ben get to be married. then i get to share a room with beth for 2 months and annie will move into my old room. then when robyn gets hitched beth will move into her room.

i also just started a new job at paperpapier in the market. it has been a lot of fun thus far, and also!!!! mattie has decided to stay for the summer!!!! hurrah! which means we may have a booth in the market selling paintings and quilts. oh this is gonna be a grand summer, besides the fact that thom and i have exact opposite work schedules, ah well.

if anyone is planning on making any trips this summer, come visit ottawa, you always have a couch or bed to sleep on here!!

in the words of mary smith..."be blessed"



rochelle laura knox said...

so you going to be in ottawa next year? cause i'll be in kingston and that isn't too far away. we'll have to do a little hanging out once and a while.

p.s. i'm totally nervous moving east! i don't know anyone in kingston!

Smaj said...

kate, you're simply slendid!
i delight to read your updates because your joy is so uplifting! you're an inspiration to everyone.
i hope you get to paint fun and lovely colours, and that your summer is fantastic.

God Bless you in everything, kate.