Friday, May 27, 2005

a cat at the window

last night i came home and i was washing my face in the bathroom, when suddenly there was a noise at the window, and what to my wondering eyes did appear?

and we are on the third floor, and i could not figure out how she got to the front of the house, but i just imagined that someone let her on the balcony and did not know that she had gotten away. so i pulled the screen out, and hauled that cat in and then i got into bed. all of a sudden what do i hear? that cat, outside again!!! how how how?!?! how could this be? well it would appear that she managed to knock the screen out of beth's window, so off came the bathroom screen again (this appears to be the only window that she will come in) and i hauled her in again. and then made sure to close beth's window as the screen is lying in the middle of the roof. i tell you, there are no dull moments with this cat around.

on another note, i wish summer were here, summer makes everything feel good, and brings light to many situations. and shines light into darkness and hidden things. i am ready for summer. and new-ness.

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