Tuesday, June 14, 2005

moving day

well, the time has come. tomorrow is moving day, i am off on my own! very exciting indeed. so i may not be moving very far (four houses away), but it will be nice to have my own space. 5 years living with housemates, and now some time on my own. hey, i mean someday i am going to have to (i mean get to) share a house with a boy! so some of my own time will be nice. or maybe just help me develop even more of my own tendencies. whatever the case may be, olivia and i are very excited to move into our new place. (ok, so not entirely on my own, i still have olivia my cat).

last night ben and maryann had thom and i over for supper, we were their first dinner guests as a married couple. they are a lovely lovely couple those two. they have made marriage look like the most natural and easy and wonderful transition in the world. they just sought God on every detail and it has just been awesome. it was nice to get some relationship advice from them. Praise Jesus for friends!!!

anyhow, i am off to get some lunch, finish packing and try to find some loonies to do some much needed laundry.

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