Thursday, August 25, 2005

bon voyageee!

one time melissa brasnett and hayley turnbull said that i would say that whenever i was leaving. i do not remember saying this. but! i am off on an adventure with thom for the next two weeks. starting tomorrow!

we will head to the Calg. tomorrow evening, and then we shall rise early on saturday morning for my dad to take us on a hike up sulphur mountain (let me pause to say, is this not a kind of repulsive name for a mountain to have?) hmm, apparently, there is a species of butterflies called sulphur. perhaps what i mean is sulfur. anyway. then on sunday he wants us to hike up sunshine to help clean it up for the winter. i think we have been tricked, however there are folklore tales of men finding rolex watches and a kid finding a snowboard (how do you lose a snowboard may i ask?), and other such tales. so we shall see how are legs are feeling after saturday before we go on sunday.
then my mom wants me to do a pilates class with her (it looks as though this trip is going to be a marathon workout trip!). i will as per usual live it up in the lap by getting a massage and a haircut (if i am brave).
then comes the fun part..... thom and i driving back to ontario in my grandparents car!! hurrah! we will have a brief stop in saskatoon and melville ( i never thought that i would go to melville, but the lovely nancy jean shall be there doing her teaching internship and i do need to see that girl!). and from then on it shall simply be an adventure of kate and thom!

oh it will be a good way to end the summer.

also we get to see little ramona (who incidentily is not so little anymore and is starting her first year of highschool! -grade ten in alberta-)

so i am sure my mom has many nights of upwords and chai tea planned. lovely woman.


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Nathanael Best said...

hello kate,
I didn't know you were a blogger. Just as well, I bet you didn't know that I was either. Actually I've only been at it since 2 weeks ago. Good choice on the green. Hope you had a good end-of summer trip.