Wednesday, September 28, 2005

new new new

so. yesterday i spent the day with nathan, we went hunting, swimming, on an adventure, and fishing. how could this all be done in one morning? nathan is three and a half, and since i last spent time with him, his imagination has sky-rocketed. so really the whole time we were just walking through a very wet farmer's field, however there was a very real incident that involved nathan gatting stuck in some mud in the middle of the biggest puddle, and of course i had nothing but shoes on, needless to say they ended the day wet and muddy. also, vivian can now talk, and walk, and almost count. and she has the cutest hair i ever saw on a toddler.

also yesterday, new cells started. this also is very exciting. to see where God will take us throughout the year. ben and mary and michelle are leading it which is a huge excitement in itself.

it feels like i am having one of those days. where i am typing all this, and pretending to be excited, but i don't feel it at all. when truly yesterday i was excited. well. thankfully i have learned that feelings are not fact, so i will not dwell in this for very long.

one other weirdness, my mom's new boyfriend, charles in charge, has decided that he is going to be coming to ontario for christmas this year with my mom and sister. um, yah, ok so you have been seeing each other for 1.5 months! maybe slow down a little.
whatev, not much i can do about it, except perhaps spend as much time as i can with thom's family and as little as i can with mine, i'm sure ros will want to come with me, lord knows how much she loves charles in charge.

i'm off to class so i had better shake a leg.


Anonymous said...

you should choose your words more carefully...
you were wearing nothing but shoes????

katevp said...

let's make that a little more clear. i did not have boots on, only shoes. i was also wearing wet socks, jeans, underwear, t-shirt, and sweater, and not necessarily in that order.

Rachel Malena said...

kate you inspire me so much! thanks for blogging because i always feel like you are very genuine and real and i just love that.