Friday, September 30, 2005

.toques & mitts.toques & mitts.toques & mitts.

so! yesterday the temperature dropped, and dropped, and dropped.
and i complained a little, but solely because it was mittens and toque weather, and i didn't have mine. i did however get to put on my puffy vest and skip along in glee of the crisp air. plus, today i will remember my mittens and toque. the thing with this weather is usually it last for awhile now before the real cold comes. it can get a little warmer again, which i hope for next weekend. C'FORD WHAT!!! that means going to Campbellford to send time with the Anderson's and finally, oh happy day!!, finally meet mark.
however, thom says that he respects mark's opinion above anyone else. i am hoping that means mark will like me. no pressure there!!
also, today i am making a giant banner for the coffee house next week. i wish i had the didge back so i could post pictures on here, but it is in the shop, i broke it. it was sad.
has anyone watched that lost show? ryan bought the dvd of season one, so thom and i watched the first two episodes last night. INTENSE. and very cool.
tonight i am working for terry but i get to work with kitty!! and then tomorrow is the fond farewell of mike. this is very sad.
anyhow, i need to put socks and a sweater on. hurrah! the time of socks is back!


ps. as you can probably tell, the real excitement is back. i knew it wouldn't last long.
pps. rachel, this is for you, that is the way hope can feel sometimes, like it is gone, but really this is what the Bible says about hope. Romans 5:5 'hope does not disappoint us'. don't let your life get stuck in feelings. it is so great that we get to have emotions and feelings. but don't let them dictate the way you live. love to you!


Anonymous said...

Yes, hope does not disappoint. I still have a little bit of hope for humanity.

Thank you, Kate.

Rachel Malena said...

thank you kate. i am hopeful for the day that i can be just stoked on mittens. thank you for reminding me.

Nathanael Best said...

hey kate,
that is a tremendous perspective. hope isn't just an emotion, its the way you look at the things around you: the world, situations, spirituality, relationships, everything. hope is putting everything in perspective and then leaving it in God's most capable hands. by the way, i also love jacket/toque/mittens weather. as long is there is no ice or snow.

April Best said...

hey kate,

you are so right, hope in Christ can never disappoint.

about the show Lost...I watched a couple episodes from the first season, and i'm hooked! Eeek!

Cameron said...

I love that time of year.
My favorite thing about Wales right now...Scarfs (or scarves?) It seems to be scarf weather all the time here. Super awesome.
As for my can get it off the return address from the letter I will totally send from Wales (if you send me the address that belongs to you and that I lost). Happy Brisk Afternoons to you!