Wednesday, December 07, 2005

oh my advent calendar...

this november i had been going on and on at work how i really wanted a chocolate advent calendar, because we only sold paper ones and candles and i let a woman buy the candle i had put away for myself because it was the last one and she wanted it for her neice or something... i couldn't let a little girl go without an advent candle, plus i would probably forget to burn it anyway. then at the beginning of december i got a package in the mail from my momma, and in it were not one but two! advent calendars. one for me and one for thom. anyhow, i was stoked.
every morning i forget about it, and i will be sitting at my computer and look up and see it and i say ooooooo! and then i eat my chocolate. Thanks mom!!


April Best said...

Mom's are wonderful! Advent calendars are nice as well:) I hope you're doing well.

rozzz said...

I like how if i did not know you, and read this post, i would have thought you were six.

Jamo said... old are you? ehehehe jk jk jk. Nice post and I dont know what an Advet calendar is and what does it have to do with eating chocolate?????

Cameron said...

Ahh Advent...

Such a lovely way to mark the ever closing in celebration of the Birth of Santa Claus...uh I mean the other guy with a beard. Yes that's it.
Well, Back to Bible College!

joshuabest said...

kate, wow.
last post i read of yours was penultimate peril. it seems like i was waiting for ages for you to post something new, and then all of a sudden you have like 10 new posts. check out your timeline:

-oct 20..........nov 16,nov 19,nov 24, nov 27, dec 6, dec 7

nice increase! you went from 1 post/month to 7 posts/month.
anyways, it's good to hear from you.