Monday, December 19, 2005

oh my little olivia

i had a very upsetting evening yesterday. Olivia was very sick. she had thrown up 3 times the night before, but i just thought that they had been hairballs that didn't want to come up. but then yesterday she just seemed really off, not her usual spunky bitey self. then later, when Thomas and i came home from the christmas potluck, she seemed really really off. she would hardly move at all and she just laid there when usually at that time of night she is tearing around the apartment and being absolutely ridiclous. then she puked up so much puke all over the floor and it was just so much for a little cat and it was mostly bile and had a really weird smell to it (weirder than cat barf normally smells). after that she hardly moved at all and when you picked her up she felt so limp and heavy and it was scary to me. i love my little Olivia very much and she has become a big part of my life now that i live on my own. i didn't know whether i should take her to the emergency vet or not. anyway, later that evening i had put her on the heating pad and Thom and i prayed for her because Jesus cares about pets too, and then she seemed to be getting a bit better, and just before Thom left she walked over to the door and bit me, and i have never ever been so happy to be bitten by a cat. she slept in my bed all night and in the morning i woke to her gnawing on my arm. she's back!

ps. that picture is of her favorite past time, hanging out in the tub. she seems to like the loud echoey noises it makes when she runs all around in it. silly girl.


April Best said...

I'm glad she is feeling better! She looks adorable:)

Cameron said...

The same Cat (his name is Abner) peed on my laundry twice in a month. I wasn't happy then. I am, however, happy now that your Cat is well.

katevp said...

cam! it sounds like that cat has it out for you!

there was a robin once that was after me. it came to my bedroom window every morning when i lived in saskatoon and pecked on it, my mom said it was because of the reflection,
that was until i switched bedrooms with my sister and moved 3 windows down and the very next morning she was at my new window pecking away. i feared going into the backyard.

and thanks april! she is adorable.

Smaj said...

Cat Puke is Gross.

I doubt I've met Olivia, but I'm glad she's feeling better.