Saturday, August 26, 2006

time for a change

well, i have been wanting to cut my hair since last fall, and in my mind i wanted bangs, or layers or like 5 inches chopped off.

this is what i ended up with (and I LOVE IT!!)

and just in time to get ready to go back to school. i can't wait for classes to start, and clinical and then in 8 months, i will write my RN exam and be a true nurse.

oh yes


Melissa said...

Dearest Kate,

I remember the first night I met you....(sight)....I will never forget it. You had just witnessed a woman giving birth and you were describing it very dramatically with your whole body and your hands were waving all over and you were so excited. I think anyone with that kind of passion for what they do will be super at it!

Melissa Loftus

T said...

You are a babe.
Do you and Thom now have the same hair-cut? I think so.


rochelle laura knox said...

Congrats Mrs A! though i will probably always think of you as a VP, you are now officially "one of the A's". how appropriate. ;)