Thursday, October 12, 2006


well this is what, my little ninnygoat is coming to visit me! hurrah hurrah hurrah!!

i had been meaning to tell Beth, and one day we were walking home from the market and while we were walking through the parking lot of the lcbo i stopped and told her. she said, 'you were so excited that you did a star jump!' and it's true, i did do a star jump, because i am so so so excited to have Nancy Jean come visit.
it's high time that gal came to my new stomping ground and did some stomping with me. it will be our first true visitor since we've been married.
little does thomas know that i will have to put him on the floor so i can have a nightime cuddle with my old cuddle buddy.
yip yip yippee


rozzz said...

that would be really cool if you came home
we could go to a "sweet" play that mom will probably get us tickets for and build snowmen. with the kids next door

Nancy Jean said...

K and T - thanks for the visit; i loved being your first official guest!
to recap...great chats, seeing the GG, watching you craft, a superb flic, some mexicano, lattes in a bowl, your iglesia, and meeting your amigos (not to mention your husband) to boot...and, i got my snuggle in with you too in my new B (thanks thomas).
xoxo - love nin