Saturday, November 25, 2006

Clinical is officially over

I am pleased to announce that I am completely done clinical in my nursing degree. I have about 2 weeks until the semester is completely over, and then it's on to consolidation!!! I am still waiting to hear where I will be placed for that, but no matter where, it will be good.

It seems so crazy that after 4.5 years everything is almost done! I am so stoked to be finished school and on to nursing!

here is me on the morning of my last day of clinical.


ps. ninny, i will mail your jacket ASAP. sorry i have not sent it yet, the last 2 weeks have been crazy!! i hope your little behind is not freezing off!


Anonymous said...

Congrats and welcome to the wonderful world of nursing!

Anonymous said...

it's about mom

Pat said...

Congrats, Kate!! I hope your last day of clinical was both relieving and satisfying.

Anonymous said...

Well done Kate! Must be a great feeling - hope you had a relaxing, well-deserved weekend :) Hi to Tom too!

Anonymous said...

no worries on the jacket - it is a winter wonderland in SK right now though, let me tell you!
that uniform looks sweet on you; well done - you are almost there!
what's about mom?
jules, it is thom with a TH ;)
i have thanked you privately, but now publicly, thanks for the elusive posting (i like that as a defining adjective, or not so defining) i think i could be easily convinced to come to your fine city, or perhaps toon town is calling out to the van pandersons? xoxo nin

Anonymous said...

Sorry THom!!
Van Pandersons . . . heheh