Wednesday, November 29, 2006

i vant to take your blood!

mwa ha ha ha.

This past week I learned to insert IV lines and to draw blood. I am a secret pro. I think that I was born to take blood.

I asked Thomas if I could practice on him and he said "I'm not going to let you stab me!" Poke, we prefer to call it a poke. sheesh!

However, I only brought home the IV needles and not a drawing blood one, and the IV ones can be pretty messy if you have nothing to attach it to.

Noah said I could practice on him. In the lab, we have these awesome fake arms with fake blood that really fake bleed, very cool, so it would be nice to try it on a real arm before I get into the hospital.
If anyone has ever had a nursing student as a nurse, chances are you got them performing something that they had never done before for real. We are good at faking confidence and expertise. Someone has got to get the first needle, first dressing change, first stitches removal and first... catheter.

ah the world of nursing.

nancy, i hope you don't pass out reading this.

love kate


Beth said...


You lead an exciting nurse-ful life! I would be honored to have you take my blood. Maybe for once I wouldn't pass out...

Ben and Maryann said...

Kate, in our marriage course this week we talked about love languages. I was so touched to hear that Noah told you you could take his blood. I think that was Noah's way of saying he loves you in Christ. I'm touched.

Anonymous said...

Very exciting to do IVs. We had those dummy arms to practice on too.They are pretty cool. My first one was very exciting. It was an old man with bad veins and he said he wanted the best nurse on the floor to do it. The nurse I was working with didn't even give me a chance to respond and said I was the best... even though this was to be my first one! He asked me how many times I had done it before and all I could think to say was "you wouldn't believe how many times" - luckily I got it on the first poke! Very exciting. The funny thing is that I faint nearly every time I have blood taken but taking it is a totally different story.

Anonymous said...

I read your post and feel somewhat jealous of exciting and dynamic profession. However, like Nin, I am faint of heart when it comes to blood etc and felt a bit weak in the knees when I saw the pic. As such, it's probably for the best that I leave the poking people thing to people like you and Carla! Good luck with that - jbn :)

Anonymous said...

kate, that's sick. but, tres exciting.
i would let you take my blood.
carla, that is a funny story.

katevp said...

i should have put a disclaimer telling you broten gals to sit down before reading.
Hopefully no rug burn fatalities were acquired.
Blogging has suddnely become so fun again! hurrah!

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, blogging is supremely enjoyable; I could do it for hours on end. But even better, would be if I were eating a large piece of apple pie a la mode. Don't you agree?