Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Celebrate good times!

Ok, so school is done, exams are done, and I have officially started my holiday (with the exception of a few days of work). I decided that the best way to celebrate my freedom would be with a day of Norwalk virus (or possibly food poisoning--- was it the church potluck or the fact that 2 of my co-workers had norwalk? only the Lord knows for certain--and possibly my digestive and immune systems). Anyhoo, that is behind me now, and I am about to jump into serious quilt mode as i need to finish (oh, and start) a baby quilt for someone. However, my quilt delivery people (noah and robyn) leave on thursday (oh yes today IS wednesday), however i have pulled off more amazing feats than this.

So onto some quilting, I'll be sure to post a pic tomorrow.

PS. Julie, your blog is not allowing me to post for some reason, it makes me sad i had such a witty comment for yesterdays post.

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Anonymous said...

This simply will not do as I absolutely love your witty comments! I have checked all my settings and things seem okay - as far as I can see anyone is allowed to post. Try again and let me know if the problem persists! (
Glad you're feeling better!
j :)