Tuesday, December 05, 2006

RIP Chad Muska

I have sad news. Last week, Friday December 1st, 2006, little Chad Muska the newt was laid to rest.
Chad's life began during March break in grade 12 when Soya, Mike and I all bought newts for $1.97 at Walmart (who really knew you could buy a newt at Walmart?) . Chad lived for 6 and half years. I thought that this was very old for a newt, especially since Mike's and Soya's died within the week.
When I googled newt life spans, I discovered that newts can indeed live for up to 60 years if cared for properly.
I am sad to report that Chad Muska most likely died from neglect, and not of old age.

When we had the funeral at sea, Olivia became very nervous as to what fate would befall her. I reassured her that since Thomas was the one to be feeding her everyday, she has a far greater rate of survival.

Rest in Peace dear Chad. Enjoy Newt Heaven.


Soya said...

This is a sad day for little Chad Muska. He did live for quite a long time though, considering that he was a reckless skateboarder. I am happy for him that he did live so long, and considering moves to both Calgary and Ottawa, our nation's capital, he has lived a far more exciting life than I may ever live.

Thanks for the lovely card that you sent me in the mail. It made my day.

Remember, this is our year of Jubilee!

Beth said...

Man, I totally remember those newts and how one (some?) of them made the journey up to camp... my roommate and I were considering purchasing a reptile or amphibian for our house, but we're not allowed pets. We were thinking about calling them livestock...

Ben and Maryann said...

Because of the neglect Chad Muska faced, I was convinced that he was some sort of supernatural, eternal newt. I'm impressed he's lived as long as he has.

Anonymous said...

i am just very curious how you knew he was dead!?
sorry for your lose.

katevp said...

sadly... he was all dired an shriveled and looked like a skeleton one day when i went to show him to new Mary-Anne.

boo hoo hoo

Anonymous said...

Oh Kate, I am so sorry for your loss. Please accept my deepest condolensces. But, yuck, dried and shrivelled...ewwww!!

Shannon xx