Friday, January 12, 2007

my week begins

Unlike Julie, and her joy for the fact that it is Friday, my work week starts tomorrow. I am leaving the house at 5 minutes after 6 (AM!!!) to meet Beth so she can take me to my very first day of consolidation on the Mother-Baby unit.

I am excited, nervous, happy, (sad about waking up so early!) and truly looking forward to the last leg of my schooling career. On Monday night I will experience my first of two night shifts in a row (oy vey) which remind me of the summer that ninny worked 20 hours a day. yikes bikes!

It has finally dropped below zero here, and the winter fanatics are hoping that the canal will freeze in time for winterlude.

Thomas and I do not like to skate, so we avoid the canal, but since Julie misses snow so much, I've been thinking that if we are ever in a more tropical climate we may regret never skating on the canal. So maybe we will have to go out this winter.

Anyhoo, it is 9:18 pm and my bedtime is approaching. even if i go to bed now I will only just get 8 hours of sleep, but it is fairly likely that I will not be able to fall asleep until later, unlike tomorow after I am at the hospital for 12 hours and then have a work Christmas party to attend.




Pat & Ali said...

Skating - a skill I never really learned to do well...I am like you, K8 - I think I will need to learn to do this better for the sake of my four children who will want to learn themselves...

Let's make it a time together so we can all look ridiculous together, shall we??
Pat :)

katevp said...

oh yes pat!!!

that would be lovely.

now i hope that this canal WILL indeed freeze!!


The Loeppkys said...

Word to the wise regarding night shifts: get out of working at the hospital ASAP and get to a private clinic (I am at an oral surgery clinic) that is closed nights, weekends, holidays, etc. Night shifts are inhumane! Good luck to you!

Melissa said...

You've been tagged, Kate.
See my blog for details.

Myriam said...

Kate - Oh my, I'm so behind. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope they were swell! Remember when we played flute and clarinet at your house?? haha!

Julie said...

Hi dearest Kate :)
Hope that your first day went wonderfully and that you are now well into the swing of things! Soon you will be all done your education - very exciting! The skating sounds fun, even though I cannot really do it either - I hope it gets cold enough in O-town but not nearly as cold as it is in mad SK (I don't miss it that much!!)
Just wanted to say hi - hugs to you and Thomas :)