Wednesday, January 17, 2007

what day is it? and babies babies babies!!!!

this morning, as i was walking home from the bus stop at 8 am, i looked at all the people running around and i thought, 'what are you all doing up? isn't it saturday? ... oh wait... it's tuesday morning, you've just finished a night shift... no wait... saturday, sunday, monday night, tuesday night, okay, so it is tuesday morning... no.... wait... saturday, sunday, (now using my fingers to count) monday night, tuesday night..... oh it's wednesday'. wednesday morning this week is officially my friday night! i came home and slept for four hours (thomas' noisy wake up woke ME up an hour early) and now it is saturday morning (wednesday afternoon) confused? me too.

as for the babies babies babies!!!!, i spent the last 2 nights in the nursery. i went to bed and i could hear all those babies crying still. when i woke up i thought that i had a baby with me! how nice it is to leave them behind right now.

well, i am off to start my most wonderous 5 days off! welcome to the weekend!!


Ben & Maryann Roebuck said...

You are so confusing Kate. But I love you.

Pat & Ali said...

Can I just say here Kate that when you mix your two situations together (the babies crying...and loosing track of the days of the week...) they make perfect sense together! I get my months mixed up with keeping track of 4 kids! LOL!

Have a great day (whichever it is!)
xo Ali :)