Monday, February 26, 2007

Olivia is famous!

I am terribly sorry for this long hiatus! I realized the other day that if I did not get my posting act in gear I would have a month with no post in it for the first time since I started posting way back when!

What I really want to announce is that Olivia my lovely cat is famous! I posted a little while ago about the wonderful website
well in the fall I submitted a photo of Olivia, and to my sadness it was never ever posted. Then this morning I was doing my daily website checks, and lo and behold!! OLIVIA!!! hurrah.

Here she is in all her glory

I am such a proud momma.


Nancy Jean said...

vanpanderson - that is one of THE weirdest things i have ever seen. you are hilarious and weird to know of such a website, and to post a picture of dear olivia for it.
so funny.
love ya, njb

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate
I hope you don't mind...I used the picture of Olivia in my Grade 9 science test today. I made them write three observations of the picture and if they were qualitative or quantitative. I thought it would be really threw them for a loop. They didn't understand at all--the picture or the question! But I certainly thought it was funny!

Julie said...

kate :)
i second ninny's thoughts on the weirdness of the pic, but from you dear kate, we would expect nothing less. hehe
where the heck are you anyway? let's have some posting - i need some more detail on the life of the vanpanderson's!
julie :)

Pat & Ali said...

Dear Kate. I am very proud of the way you keep your fridge clean girl! Nice carrots...

Olivia on a bed of veggies! OY! I once had cats myself... but (gulp) we should speak of them in private... it might make your poor Olivia nervous... (hint hint... keep her tail away from heavy windows!) OY! Mrrooooow!!!!

xo Ali